James Christopher Makinson
James Christopher Makinson
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Life-Long Radar Tracking of Bumblebees
JL Woodgate, JC Makinson, KS Lim, AM Reynolds, L Chittka
PLoS ONE 11 (8), e0160333, 2016
Continuous radar tracking illustrates the development of multi-destination routes of bumblebees
JL Woodgate, JC Makinson, KS Lim, AM Reynolds, L Chittka
Scientific reports 7 (1), 17323, 2017
Harmonic radar tracking reveals random dispersal pattern of bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) queens after hibernation
JC Makinson, JL Woodgate, A Reynolds, EA Capaldi, CJ Perry, L Chittka
Scientific reports 9 (1), 4651, 2019
Bee-friendly community gardens: Impact of environmental variables on the richness and abundance of exotic and native bees
JC Makinson, CG Threlfall, T Latty
Urban Ecosystems 20, 463-476, 2017
Moving home: nest-site selection in the Red Dwarf honeybee (Apis florea)
JC Makinson, BP Oldroyd, TM Schaerf, W Wattanachaiyingcharoen, ...
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 65, 945-958, 2011
Do small swarms have an advantage when house hunting? The effect of swarm size on nest-site selection by Apis mellifera
TM Schaerf, JC Makinson, MR Myerscough, M Beekman
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 10 (87), 20130533, 2013
Honeybee linguistics—a comparative analysis of the waggle dance among species of Apis
M Beekman, JC Makinson, MJ Couvillon, K Preece, TM Schaerf
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 3, 11, 2015
Bumble bees strategically use ground level linear features in navigation
JS Brebner, JC Makinson, OK Bates, N Rossi, KS Lim, T Dubois, ...
Animal Behaviour 179, 147-160, 2021
Inaccurate and unverified information in decision making: a model for the nest site selection process of Apis florea
TM Schaerf, MR Myerscough, JC Makinson, M Beekman
Animal Behaviour 82 (5), 995-1013, 2011
Honeybee, Apis mellifera, guards use adaptive acceptance thresholds to limit worker reproductive parasitism
NC Chapman, J Makinson, M Beekman, BP Oldroyd
Animal Behaviour 78 (5), 1205-1211, 2009
Harmonic radar tracking reveals that honeybee drones navigate between multiple aerial leks
JL Woodgate, JC Makinson, N Rossi, KS Lim, AM Reynolds, CJ Rawlings, ...
Iscience 24 (6), 2021
Collective decision making in the red dwarf honeybee Apis florea: do the bees simply follow the flowers?
JC Makinson, TM Schaerf, N Wagner, BP Oldroyd, M Beekman
Insectes Sociaux, 1-10, 2017
Consensus building in giant Asian honeybee, Apis dorsata, swarms on the move
JC Makinson, TM Schaerf, A Rattanawannee, BP Oldroyd, M Beekman
Animal Behaviour 93, 191-199, 2014
Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) use adaptable transportation networks to track changes in resource quality
T Latty, MJ Holmes, JC Makinson, M Beekman
Journal of Experimental Biology 220 (4), 686-694, 2017
Moving without a purpose: an experimental study of swarm guidance in the Western honey bee, Apis mellifera
JC Makinson, M Beekman
Journal of Experimental Biology 217 (11), 2020-2027, 2014
How does a swarm of the giant Asian honeybee Apis dorsata reach consensus? A study of the individual behaviour of scout bees
JC Makinson, TM Schaerf, A Rattanawannee, BP Oldroyd, M Beekman
Insectes Sociaux 63 (3), 395-406, 2016
Collective decision-making in honey bees during nest-site selection
JC Makinson
University of Sydney., 2013
Route selection but not trail clearing are influenced by detour length in the Australian meat ants
D Luo, CR Reid, JC Makinson, M Beekman, T Latty
Insectes Sociaux 66, 47-56, 2019
Urbanisation generates multiple trait syndromes for terrestrial animal taxa worldwide
AK Hahs, B Fournier, MFJ Aronson, CH Nilon, A Herrera-Montes, ...
Nature communications 14 (1), 4751, 2023
Early prediction of bumblebee flight task using machine learning
SM Williams, N Aldabashi, C Palego, JL Woodgate, JC Makinson, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 184, 106065, 2021
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