Corinne Rondeau-Mouro
Corinne Rondeau-Mouro
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Citované v
Free/bound water absorption in an epoxy adhesive
S Popineau, C Rondeau-Mouro, C Sulpice-Gaillet, MER Shanahan
Polymer 46 (24), 10733-10740, 2005
Structure and interactions of ulvan in the cell wall of the marine green algae Ulva rotundata (Ulvales, Chlorophyceae)
A Robic, C Rondeau-Mouro, JF Sassi, Y Lerat, M Lahaye
Carbohydrate Polymers 77 (2), 206-216, 2009
Functionalization of chitosan by laccase-catalyzed oxidation of ferulic acid and ethyl ferulate under heterogeneous reaction conditions
A Aljawish, I Chevalot, B Piffaut, C Rondeau-Mouro, M Girardin, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 87 (1), 537-544, 2012
Structural features and potential texturising properties of lemon and maize cellulose microfibrils
C Rondeau-Mouro, B Bouchet, B Pontoire, P Robert, J Mazoyer, A Buléon
Carbohydrate Polymers 53 (3), 241-252, 2003
Assessment of cell wall porosity in Arabidopsis thaliana by NMR spectroscopy
C Rondeau-Mouro, D Defer, E Leboeuf, M Lahaye
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 42 (2), 83-92, 2008
Alkaline extractability of pectic arabinan and galactan and their mobility in sugar beet and potato cell walls
A Zykwinska, C Rondeau-Mouro, C Garnier, JF Thibault, MC Ralet
Carbohydrate polymers 65 (4), 510-520, 2006
Structural investigation of amylose complexes with small ligands: inter-or intra-helical associations?
C Rondeau-Mouro, P Le Bail, A Buléon
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 34 (5), 251-257, 2004
Studies of xylan interactions and cross-linking to synthetic lignins formed by bulk and end-wise polymerization: a model study of lignin carbohydrate complex formation
A Barakat, H Winter, C Rondeau-Mouro, B Saake, B Chabbert, B Cathala
Planta 226 (1), 267-281, 2007
Solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy studies of xylans in the cell wall of Palmaria palmata (L. Kuntze, Rhodophyta)
M Lahaye, C Rondeau-Mouro, E Deniaud, A Buléon
Carbohydrate research 338 (15), 1559-1569, 2003
Firming of fruit tissues by vacuum-infusion of pectin methylesterase: visualisation of enzyme action
A Guillemin, F Guillon, P Degraeve, C Rondeau, MF Devaux, F Huber, ...
Food chemistry 109 (2), 368-378, 2008
Comparative Fourier transform infrared studies of the secondary structure and the CO heme ligand environment in cytochrome P-450cam and cytochrome P-420cam
C Mouro, C Jung, A Bondon, G Simonneaux
Biochemistry 36 (26), 8125-8134, 1997
Interaction of dystrophin rod domain with membrane phospholipids: evidence of a close proximity between tryptophan residues and lipids
E Le Rumeur, Y Fichou, S Pottier, F Gaboriau, C Rondeau-Mouro, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (8), 5993-6001, 2003
Temperature-Associated Proton Dynamics in Wheat Starch-Based Model Systems and Wheat Flour Dough Evaluated by NMR
C Rondeau-Mouro, M Cambert, R Kovrlija, M Musse, T Lucas, F Mariette
Food and Bioprocess Technology, 1-14, 2015
A metabolic flux analysis to study the role of sucrose synthase in the regulation of the carbon partitioning in central metabolism in maize root tips
AP Alonso, P Raymond, M Hernould, C Rondeau-Mouro, A de Graaf, ...
Metabolic Engineering 9 (5-6), 419-432, 2007
Specific adduction of plant lipid transfer protein by an allene oxide generated by 9-lipoxygenase and allene oxide synthase
B Bakan, M Hamberg, L Perrocheau, D Maume, H Rogniaux, O Tranquet, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (51), 38981-38988, 2006
Local evolution of seed flotation in Arabidopsis
S Saez-Aguayo, C Rondeau-Mouro, A Macquet, I Kronholm, MC Ralet, ...
PLoS Genetics 10 (3), e1004221, 2014
Coupling lipophilization and amylose complexation to encapsulate chlorogenic acid
C Lorentz, G Pencreac’h, S Soultani-Vigneron, C Rondeau-Mouro, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 90 (1), 152-158, 2012
Formation and stability of amylose ligand complexes formed by high pressure treatment
P Le Bail, B Chauvet, H Simonin, C Rondeau-Mouro, B Pontoire, ...
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 18, 1-6, 2013
Evolution of fat crystal network microstructure followed by NMR
M Adam-Berret, M Boulard, A Riaublanc, F Mariette
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59 (5), 1767-1773, 2011
Multi-scale NMR and MRI approaches to characterize starchy products
R Kovrlija, C Rondeau-Mouro
Food chemistry 236, 2-14, 2017
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