Mohsen Ahmadpour
Mohsen Ahmadpour
Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Mazandaran
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Livestock grazing in protected areas and its effects on large mammals in the Hyrcanian forest, Iran
M Soofi, A Ghoddousi, T Zeppenfeld, S Shokri, M Soufi, A Jafari, ...
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Assessing the relationship between illegal hunting of ungulates, wild prey occurrence and livestock depredation rate by large carnivores
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Mercury concentration in the feathers of birds from various trophic levels in Fereydunkenar International wetland (Iran)
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Mercury contamination in commercial fresh and salt water fish of the Zabol Chahnimeh reservoirs and the Gulf of Oman (Iran)
RD Behrooz, S Sahebi, F Majnoni, M Ahmadpour, SH Hoseini
Food Additives & Contaminants: Part B 6 (3), 175-180, 2013
A three years study of the diversity and density of waterfowl and waders in Sorkhrud International Wetland (October 2007–March 2010)
M Ahmadpour, MHS Karimi, SM Ghasempouri, M Ahmadpour, ...
Scientific Research and Essays 6 (30), 6317-6324, 2011
Metal concentrations in tissues of Gadwall and common teal from Miankaleh and Gomishan international wetlands, Iran
MH Sinkakarimi, LJ Binkowski, M Hassanpour, G Rajaei, M Ahmadpour, ...
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Mercury levels in avian feathers from different trophic levels of eight families collected from the northern region of Iran
A Mashroofeh, AR Bakhtiari, A Ghobeishavi, M Ahmadpour, A Asadi, ...
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A survey on the flora and the fauna of the Fereydunkenar International wetland for better conservation management
M Ahmadpour, M Ahmadpour, SH Hoseini, SM Ghasempouri, A Jafari, ...
Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences 2 (10), 17-26, 2012
Conserving populations at the edge of their geographic range: the endangered Caspian red deer (Cervus elaphus maral) across protected areas of Iran
S Shokri, A Jafari, K Rabei, E Hadipour, H Alinejad, T Zeppenfeld, M Soufi, ...
Biodiversity and Conservation 30, 85-105, 2021
The role of agricultural and residential land-uses on organophosphorus and organochlorine pesticides residues in water and sediments of Siahrud River, Qaemshahr
K Taheri, N BAHRAMIFAR, HR Moradi, M Ahmadpour
Journal of Environmental Studies 41 (173), 8-10, 2015
Modeling of the geographical distribution effects of great gerbil (Rhombomis opimus) on distribution of sandfly Phlebotomus papatasi in Golestan Province
M Ahmadpour, H Varasteh Moradi, HR Rezaei, MA Oshaghi, ...
Journal of Animal Environment 9 (4), 73-80, 2017
Assessment of mercury concentration in feathers of six species of waterbirds in Southern Caspian Sea Wetlands
M Ahmadpour, SH Hoseini, M Ahmadpour, A Mashrofeh, MH SinkaKarimi, ...
Journal homepage: www. wesca. net 8 (2), 2013
Assessment of cadmium and lead concentration in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and calculation the food consumption risk.
H Tahsini, M Ahmadpour, MH Sinkakarimi
Iranian Journal of Health and Environment 11 (2), 215-224, 2018
Habitat suitability modeling of Urial (Ovis orientalis arkal) on the area around Dareh Anjir Wildlife Refuge, Yazd province
M Ahmadpour, H Varasteh Moradi, H Akbari, J Imani Harsini
Journal of Animal Environment 7 (2), 11-18, 2015
A survey of cadmium and zinc in Sand smelt (Atherina boyeri caspia) from Anzali International Wetland
MH Sinkakarimi, MH Gorjian Arabi, M Ahmadpour, M Hassanpour
Journal of Animal Environment 12 (3), 167-174, 2020
Genetic diversity and structure of the Great Gerbil, Rhombomys opimus, in Iran (Mammalia: Rodentia)
M Ahmadpour, HV Moradi, HR Rezaei, MA Oshaghi, P Hapeman, ...
Zoology in the Middle East 66 (1), 1-12, 2020
Concentration of selenium and vanadium in Clupeonella cultiventris caspia and Alosa caspia and their consumption risk assessment from southern coast Caspian Sea
MH Sinka Karimi, M Hassanpour, M Ahmadpour
Zanko Journal of Medical Sciences 15 (47), 1-9, 2015
Study of the International Sorkhrud Wetland’s conservation position, using to the birds Status, compliance with the important bird and biodiversity areas selection criteria and …
M Ahmadpour, M Ahmadpour, SH HOSSEINI, F Hoshiar, ...
Journal of Wetland Ecobiology 6 (22), 5-19, 2015
Minerals and trace elements in a long term paddy soil-rice system in the north of Iran: Human health and ecological risk assessment
M Ahmadpour, MH Sinkakarimi, MHG Arabi, M Abdollahpour, A Mansour, ...
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 110, 104573, 2022
Mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b diversity and phylogeny of the Eurasian coot (Fulica atra; Linnaeus, 1758)(Gruiformes: Rallidae)
N Momeni, HR Rezaei, M Ahmadpour, P Hapeman
Journal of Wildlife and Biodiversity 6 (2), 22-34, 2022
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