Ana María Lacasta
Ana María Lacasta
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BA71ΔCD2: a new recombinant live attenuated African swine fever virus with cross-protective capabilities
PL Monteagudo, A Lacasta, E López, L Bosch, J Collado, S Pina-Pedrero, ...
Journal of virology 91 (21), 10.1128/jvi. 01058-17, 2017
Diffusion on a solid surface: Anomalous is normal
JM Sancho, AM Lacasta, K Lindenberg, IM Sokolov, AH Romero
Physical review letters 92 (25), 250601, 2004
DNA vaccination partially protects against African swine fever virus lethal challenge in the absence of antibodies
JM Argilaguet, E Pérez-Martín, M Nofrarías, C Gallardo, F Accensi, ...
Public Library of Science 7 (9), e40942, 2012
Cellular immunity in ASFV responses
HH Takamatsu, MS Denyer, A Lacasta, CMA Stirling, JM Argilaguet, ...
Virus research 173 (1), 110-121, 2013
Expression library immunization can confer protection against lethal challenge with African swine fever virus
A Lacasta, M Ballester, PL Monteagudo, JM Rodríguez, ML Salas, ...
Journal of virology 88 (22), 13322-13332, 2014
From subdiffusion to superdiffusion of particles on solid surfaces
AM Lacasta, JM Sancho, AH Romero, IM Sokolov, K Lindenberg
Physical Review E 70 (5), 051104, 2004
The biology of Theileria parva and control of East Coast fever–current status and future trends
V Nene, H Kiara, A Lacasta, R Pelle, N Svitek, L Steinaa
Ticks and tick-borne diseases 7 (4), 549-564, 2016
Standardization of pathological investigations in the framework of experimental ASFV infections
I Galindo-Cardiel, M Ballester, D Solanes, M Nofrarías, S López-Soria, ...
Virus research 173 (1), 180-190, 2013
Sorting on periodic surfaces
AM Lacasta, JM Sancho, AH Romero, K Lindenberg
Physical review letters 94 (16), 160601, 2005
Determination of hygrothermal parameters of experimental and commercial bio-based insulation materials
M Palumbo, AM Lacasta, N Holcroft, A Shea, P Walker
Construction and Building Materials 124, 269-275, 2016
Modeling of spatiotemporal patterns in bacterial colonies
AM Lacasta, IR Cantalapiedra, CE Auguet, A Penaranda, ...
Physical Review E 59 (6), 7036, 1999
Weak disorder: anomalous transport and diffusion are normal yet again
M Khoury, AM Lacasta, JM Sancho, K Lindenberg
Physical review letters 106 (9), 090602, 2011
Live attenuated African swine fever viruses as ideal tools to dissect the mechanisms involved in viral pathogenesis and immune protection
A Lacasta, PL Monteagudo, Á Jiménez-Marín, F Accensi, M Ballester, ...
Veterinary research 46, 1-16, 2015
Enhancing DNA immunization by targeting ASFV antigens to SLA-II bearing cells
JM Argilaguet, E Pérez-Martín, C Gallardo, FJ Salguero, B Borrego, ...
Vaccine 29 (33), 5379-5385, 2011
Genome sequence of African swine fever virus BA71, the virulent parental strain of the nonpathogenic and tissue-culture adapted BA71V
JM Rodríguez, LT Moreno, A Alejo, A Lacasta, F Rodríguez, ML Salas
PloS one 10 (11), e0142889, 2015
Dispersionless transport in a washboard potential
K Lindenberg, JM Sancho, AM Lacasta, IM Sokolov
Physical review letters 98 (2), 020602, 2007
Magnesium phosphate cements formulated with a low-grade MgO by-product: physico-mechanical and durability aspects
J Formosa, AM Lacasta, A Navarro, R del Valle-Zermeño, M Niubó, ...
Construction and Building materials 91, 150-157, 2015
Transport and diffusion on crystalline surfaces under external forces
K Lindenberg, AM Lacasta, JM Sancho, AH Romero
New Journal of Physics 7 (1), 29, 2005
Interaction between low-grade magnesium oxide and boric acid in chemically bonded phosphate ceramics formulation
J Formosa, JM Chimenos, AM Lacasta, M Niubó
Ceramics international 38 (3), 2483-2493, 2012
Coherence and anticoherence resonance tuned by noise
AM Lacasta, F Sagués, JM Sancho
Physical Review E 66 (4), 045105, 2002
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