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Characterization of banana peels wastes as potential slow pyrolysis feedstock
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Evapotranspiration crop coefficients for mixed riparian plant community and transpiration crop coefficients for Common reed, Cottonwood and Peach-leaf willow in the Platte …
S Irmak, I Kabenge, D Rudnick, S Knezevic, D Woodward, M Moravek
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D Aboagye, N Banadda, R Kambugu, J Seay, N Kiggundu, A Zziwa, ...
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Application of GIS and geographically weighted regression to evaluate the spatial non-stationarity relationships between precipitation vs. irrigated and rainfed maize and …
V Sharma, A Irmak, I Kabenge, S Irmak
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Remote Sensing in Field Crop Monitoring: A Comprehensive Review of Sensor Systems, Data Analyses and Recent Advances
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Remote Sensing 15 (2), 354, 2023
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Performance of a constructed wetland as an upstream intervention for stormwater runoff quality management
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Occurrence and survival of pathogens at different sludge depths in unlined pit latrines in Kampala slums
S Nabateesa, A Zziwa, I Kabenge, R Kambugu, J Wanyama, ...
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D Kimuli, A Zziwa, N Banadda, I Kabenge, N Kiggundu, R Kambugu, ...
Int. J. Res. Eng. Adv. Technol, 2016
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