Jerry Husak
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Citované v
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DJ Irschick, JJ Meyers, JF Husak, JF Le Galliard
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JF Husak, SF Fox, MB Lovern, RAVD Bussche
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Does speed help you survive? A test with collared lizards of different ages
JF Husak
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JF Husak, A Kristopher Lappin, SF Fox, JA Lemos-Espinal
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Does survival depend on how fast you can run or how fast you do run?
JF Husak
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JF Husak, SF Fox
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JF Husak, IT Moore
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JF Husak, SF Fox
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K Huyghe, JF Husak, A Herrel, Z Tadić, IT Moore, R Van Damme, ...
Hormones and behavior 55 (4), 488-494, 2009
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