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Florian Lipsmeier
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
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Evaluation of smartphone‐based testing to generate exploratory outcome measures in a phase 1 Parkinson's disease clinical trial
F Lipsmeier, KI Taylor, T Kilchenmann, D Wolf, A Scotland, ...
Movement Disorders 33 (8), 1287-1297, 2018
Structure-based prediction of asparagine and aspartate degradation sites in antibody variable regions
JF Sydow, F Lipsmeier, V Larraillet, M Hilger, B Mautz, M Mølhøj, ...
PloS one 9 (6), e100736, 2014
Trial of prasinezumab in early-stage Parkinson’s disease
G Pagano, KI Taylor, J Anzures-Cabrera, M Marchesi, T Simuni, K Marek, ...
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Adherence and satisfaction of smartphone-and smartwatch-based remote active testing and passive monitoring in people with multiple sclerosis: nonrandomized interventional …
L Midaglia, P Mulero, X Montalban, J Graves, SL Hauser, L Julian, ...
Journal of medical Internet research 21 (8), e14863, 2019
Outcome measures based on digital health technology sensor data: data-and patient-centric approaches
KI Taylor, H Staunton, F Lipsmeier, D Nobbs, M Lindemann
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A smartphone sensor-based digital outcome assessment of multiple sclerosis
X Montalban, J Graves, L Midaglia, P Mulero, L Julian, M Baker, ...
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Prediction of VH–VL domain orientation for antibody variable domain modeling
A Bujotzek, J Dunbar, F Lipsmeier, W Schäfer, I Antes, CM Deane, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 83 (4), 681-695, 2015
Human activity recognition from sensor-based large-scale continuous monitoring of Parkinson’s disease patients
WY Cheng, A Scotland, F Lipsmeier, T Kilchenmann, L Jin, ...
2017 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Connected Health: Applications …, 2017
Aggregation and chemical modification of monoclonal antibodies under upstream processing conditions
S Dengl, M Wehmer, F Hesse, F Lipsmeier, O Popp, K Lang
Pharmaceutical research 30, 1380-1399, 2013
Building a machine-learning framework to remotely assess Parkinson's disease using smartphones
OY Chén, F Lipsmeier, H Phan, J Prince, KI Taylor, C Gossens, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 67 (12), 3491-3500, 2020
Reliability and validity of the Roche PD Mobile Application for remote monitoring of early Parkinson’s disease
F Lipsmeier, KI Taylor, RB Postuma, E Volkova-Volkmar, T Kilchenmann, ...
Scientific reports 12 (1), 12081, 2022
VH-VL orientation prediction for antibody humanization candidate selection: A case study
A Bujotzek, F Lipsmeier, SF Harris, J Benz, A Kuglstatter, G Georges
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Development and validation of a novel SPR-based assay principle for bispecific molecules
C Gassner, F Lipsmeier, P Metzger, H Beck, A Schnueriger, JT Regula, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 102, 144-149, 2015
Smartphone-based remote assessment of upper extremity function for multiple sclerosis using the Draw a Shape Test
AP Creagh, C Simillion, A Scotland, F Lipsmeier, C Bernasconi, ...
Physiological measurement 41 (5), 054002, 2020
Smartphone-and smartwatch-based remote characterisation of ambulation in multiple sclerosis during the two-minute walk test
AP Creagh, C Simillion, AK Bourke, A Scotland, F Lipsmeier, ...
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 25 (3), 838-849, 2020
Look me in the eye: evaluating the accuracy of smartphone-based eye tracking for potential application in autism spectrum disorder research
MAR Strobl, F Lipsmeier, LR Demenescu, C Gossens, M Lindemann, ...
Biomedical engineering online 18, 1-12, 2019
Gait characteristics harvested during a smartphone-based self-administered 2-minute walk test in people with multiple sclerosis: test-retest reliability and minimum detectable …
AK Bourke, A Scotland, F Lipsmeier, C Gossens, M Lindemann
Sensors 20 (20), 5906, 2020
Multiscale topology characterizes dynamic tumor vascular networks
BJ Stolz, J Kaeppler, B Markelc, F Braun, F Lipsmeier, RJ Muschel, ...
Science Advances 8 (23), eabm2456, 2022
A hybrid approach identifies metabolic signatures of high‐producers for chinese hamster ovary clone selection and process optimization
O Popp, D Müller, K Didzus, W Paul, F Lipsmeier, F Kirchner, J Niklas, ...
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 113 (9), 2005-2019, 2016
U-turn speed is a valid and reliable smartphone-based measure of multiple sclerosis-related gait and balance impairment
WY Cheng, AK Bourke, F Lipsmeier, C Bernasconi, S Belachew, ...
Gait & Posture 84, 120-126, 2021
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