Pavel Sebek
Pavel Sebek
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researcher, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences
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Is active management the key to the conservation of saproxylic biodiversity? Pollarding promotes the formation of tree hollows
P Sebek, J Altman, M Platek, L Cizek
PLoS One 8 (3), e60456, 2013
Does a minimal intervention approach threaten the biodiversity of protected areas? A multi-taxa short-term response to intervention in temperate oak-dominated forests
P Sebek, R Bace, M Bartos, J Benes, Z Chlumska, J Dolezal, M Dvorsky, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 358, 80-89, 2015
Open-grown trees as key habitats for arthropods in temperate woodlands: The diversity, composition, and conservation value of associated communities
P Sebek, S Vodka, P Bogusch, P Pech, R Tropek, M Weiss, K Zimova, ...
Forest ecology and management 380, 172-181, 2016
Past levels of canopy closure affect the occurrence of veteran trees and flagship saproxylic beetles
J Miklín, P Sebek, D Hauck, O Konvicka, L Cizek
Diversity and Distributions 24 (2), 208-218, 2018
A test for assessment of saproxylic beetle biodiversity using subsets of “monitoring species”
P Sebek, T Barnouin, A Brin, H Brustel, M Dufrêne, F Gosselin, B Meriguet, ...
Ecological Indicators 20, 304-315, 2012
Habitat requirements of the violet click beetle (Limoniscus violaceus), an endangered umbrella species of basal hollow trees
N Gouix, P Sebek, L Valladares, H Brustel, A Brin
Insect conservation and diversity 8 (5), 418-427, 2015
Restoration management of fly ash deposits crucially influence their conservation potential for terrestrial arthropods
R Tropek, I Cerna, J Straka, T Kadlec, P Pech, F Tichanek, P Sebek
Ecological engineering 73, 45-52, 2014
In search for a compromise between biodiversity conservation and human health protection in restoration of fly ash deposits: effect of anti-dust treatments on five groups of …
R Tropek, I Cerna, J Straka, P Kocarek, I Malenovsky, F Tichanek, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23, 13653-13660, 2016
Size matters! Habitat preferences of the wrinkled bark beetle, Rhysodes sulcatus, the relict species of European primeval forests
F Kostanjsek, P Sebek, B Baranova, L Seric Jelaska, V Riedl, L Cizek
Insect Conservation and Diversity 11 (6), 545-553, 2018
Connectivity and succession of open structures as a key to sustaining light‐demanding biodiversity in deciduous forests
P Kozel, P Sebek, M Platek, J Benes, M Zapletal, M Dvorsky, V Lanta, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 58 (12), 2951-2961, 2021
The effect of coppicing on insect biodiversity. Small-scale mosaics of successional stages drive community turnover
M Weiss, P Kozel, M Zapletal, D Hauck, J Prochazka, J Benes, L Cizek, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 483, 118774, 2021
Active management promotes plant diversity in lowland forests: A landscape-scale experiment with two types of clearings
V Lanta, O Mudrák, P Liancourt, M Bartoš, Z Chlumská, M Dvorský, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 448, 94-103, 2019
Restoring diversity of thermophilous oak forests: connectivity and proximity to existing habitats matter
V Lanta, O Mudrák, P Liancourt, M Dvorský, M Bartoš, Z Chlumská, ...
Biodiversity and Conservation 29, 3411-3427, 2020
Saproxylic beetles in an isolated pollard willow stand and their association with Osmoderma barnabita (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
P Sebek, L Cizek, D Hauck, J Schlaghamersky, M Jurc
Saproxylic beetles in Europe: monitoring, biology and conservation …, 2012
When is a tree suitable for a veteran tree specialist? Variability in the habitat requirements of the great capricorn beetle (Cerambyx cerdo)(Coleoptera: Cerambycidae).
M Platek, P Sebek, D Hauck, L Cizek
European Journal of Entomology 116, 2019
Microhabitat mosaics are key to the survival of an endangered ground beetle (Carabus nitens) in its post-industrial refugia
M Volf, M Holec, D Holcová, P Jaroš, R Hejda, L Drag, J Blízek, P Šebek, ...
Journal of Insect Conservation 22, 321-328, 2018
Butterfly and moth communities differ in their response to habitat structure in rainforests of Mount Cameroon
S Delabye, V Maicher, S Sáfián, J Doležal, J Altman, Š Janeček, IN Kobe, ...
Biotropica 53 (2), 567-580, 2021
Relict of primeval forests in an intensively farmed landscape: what affects the survival of the hermit beetle (Osmoderma barnabita) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in …
L Cizek, D Hauck, J Miklin, M Platek, P Kocarek, T Olsovsky, P Sebek
Journal of Insect Conservation 25, 407-415, 2021
Contrasting responses of saproxylic beetles and plants to non-native tree invasion reveal feedback mechanisms between trophic levels
V Lanta, J Doležal, P Kozel, D Hauck, J Altman, J Kašák, J Foit, P Šebek, ...
Biological Conservation 263, 109340, 2021
Changes in β‐diversity of saproxylic beetles along environmental gradients in temperate forests depend on species relative abundances
P Sebek, L Cizek, D Hauck, J Miklin, O Konvicka, S Vodka, S Thorn
Journal of Biogeography 49 (3), 551-562, 2022
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