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Chen Liu
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Does being multi-headed make you better at solving problems? A survey of Physarum-based models and computations
C Gao, C Liu, D Schenz, X Li, Z Zhang, M Jusup, Z Wang, M Beekman, ...
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Aspiration driven coevolution resolves social dilemmas in networks
C Liu, J Shi, T Li, J Liu
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Analysis of transmission dynamics for Zika virus on networks
L Li, J Zhang, C Liu, HT Zhang, Y Wang, Z Wang
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Aspiration-based coevolution of node weights promotes cooperation in the spatial prisoner’s dilemma game
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Popularity enhances the interdependent network reciprocity
C Liu, C Shen, Y Geng, S Li, C Xia, Z Tian, L Shi, R Wang, S Boccaletti, ...
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Delay-induced patterns in a predator–prey model on complex networks with diffusion
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Impacts of climate change on vegetation pattern: Mathematical modeling and data analysis
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Interactions of diffusion and nonlocal delay give rise to vegetation patterns in semi-arid environments
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Cooperation in the spatial public goods game with the second-order reputation evaluation
Y Dong, G Hao, J Wang, C Liu, C Xia
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Turing patterns in a predator–prey model on complex networks
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Conditional neutral punishment promotes cooperation in the spatial prisoner's dilemma game
Q Song, Z Cao, R Tao, W Jiang, C Liu, J Liu
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Spatiotemporal dynamics of a vegetation model with nonlocal delay in semi-arid environment
Q Xue, GQ Sun, C Liu, ZG Guo, Z Jin, YP Wu, GL Feng
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Nonlocal interactions between vegetation induce spatial patterning
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Pattern transitions in a vegetation system with cross-diffusion
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Optimal control of the reaction–diffusion process on directed networks
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Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 32 (6), 2022
Ability-based asymmetrical fitness calculation promotes cooperation in spatial prisoner's dilemma game
X Li, D Jia, X Niu, C Liu, P Zhu, D Liu, C Chu
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Behavioural patterns behind the demise of the commons across different cultures
M Jusup, F Maciel-Cardoso, C Gracia-Lázaro, C Liu, Z Wang, Y Moreno
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Highly cooperative individuals’ clustering property in myopic strategy groups
X Li, L Cheng, X Niu, S Li, C Liu, P Zhu
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Cross-diffusion induced Turing patterns on multiplex networks of a predator–prey model
M Song, S Gao, C Liu, Y Bai, L Zhang, B Xie, L Chang
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 168, 113131, 2023
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