Mehdi Daneshpanah
Mehdi Daneshpanah
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Three-dimensional optical sensing and visualization using integral imaging
M Cho, M Daneshpanah, I Moon, B Javidi
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Automated three-dimensional identification and tracking of micro/nanobiological organisms by computational holographic microscopy
I Moon, M Daneshpanah, B Javidi, A Stern
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3D imaging with axially distributed sensing
R Schulein, M DaneshPanah, B Javidi
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M DaneshPanah, B Javidi
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Real-time automated 3D sensing, detection, and recognition of dynamic biological micro-organic events
B Javidi, S Yeom, I Moon, M Daneshpanah
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Optofluidic system for three-dimensional sensing and identification of micro-organisms with digital holographic microscopy
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M DaneshPanah, S Zwick, F Schaal, M Warber, B Javidi, W Osten
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Cell identification computational 3-D holographic microscopy
I Moon, M Daneshpanah, A Anand, B Javidi
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Three dimensional object recognition with photon counting imagery in the presence of noise
M DaneshPanah, B Javidi, EA Watson
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M DaneshPanah, B Javidi
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Performance of 3D integral imaging with position uncertainty
B Tavakoli, M Daneshpanah, B Javidi, E Watson
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G Saavedra, R Martínez-Cuenca, M Martínez-Corral, H Navarro, ...
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Segmentation of 3D holographic images using bivariate jointly distributed region snake
M DaneshPanah, B Javidi
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X Xiao, M Daneshpanah, B Javidi
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Generalization of three-dimensional N-ocular imaging systems under fixed resource constraints
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3D integral imaging using sparse sensors with unknown positions
X Xiao, M DaneshPanah, M Cho, B Javidi
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Surface sensitivity reduction in laser triangulation sensors
M Daneshpanah, K Harding
Dimensional Optical Metrology and Inspection for Practical Applications 8133 …, 2011
A new odometry system to reduce asymmetric errors for omnidirectional mobile robots
AF Tehrani, AM Doosthosseini, HR Moballegh, P Amini, ...
RoboCup 2003: Robot Soccer World Cup VII 7, 600-610, 2004
Detection of calcium-induced morphological changes of living cells using optical traps
AR Moradi, MK Ali, M Daneshpanah, A Anand, B Javidi
Ieee photonics journal 2 (5), 775-783, 2010
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