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Christian Ricolleau
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Size and shape effects on the order–disorder phase transition in CoPt nanoparticles
D Alloyeau, C Ricolleau, C Mottet, T Oikawa, C Langlois, Y Le Bouar, ...
Nature materials 8 (12), 940-946, 2009
Iron oxide monocrystalline nanoflowers for highly efficient magnetic hyperthermia
P Hugounenq, M Levy, D Alloyeau, L Lartigue, E Dubois, V Cabuil, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (29), 15702-15712, 2012
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C Langlois, ZL Li, J Yuan, D Alloyeau, J Nelayah, D Bochicchio, ...
Nanoscale 4 (11), 3381-3388, 2012
Unravelling kinetic and thermodynamic effects on the growth of gold nanoplates by liquid transmission electron microscopy
D Alloyeau, W Dachraoui, Y Javed, H Belkahla, G Wang, H Lecoq, ...
Nano letters 15 (4), 2574-2581, 2015
Cobalt-based anisotropic particles prepared by the polyol process
N Chakroune, G Viau, C Ricolleau, F Fiévet-Vincent, F Fiévet
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Enhanced fluorescence cell imaging with metal-coated slides
E Le Moal, E Fort, S Lévêque-Fort, FP Cordelières, MP Fontaine-Aupart, ...
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CoNi nanowires synthesized by heterogeneous nucleation in liquid polyol
D Ung, G Viau, C Ricolleau, F Warmont, P Gredin, F Fievet
Advanced Materials 17 (3), 338-344, 2005
Ag nanoparticles synthesised in template-structured mesoporous silica films on a glass substrate
Y Plyuto, JM Berquier, C Jacquiod, C Ricolleau
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Growth and structural properties of CuAg and CoPt bimetallic nanoparticles
C Langlois, D Alloyeau, Y Le Bouar, A Loiseau, T Oikawa, C Mottet, ...
Faraday discussions 138, 375-391, 2008
Ostwald Ripening in Nanoalloys: When Thermodynamics Drives<? format?> a Size-Dependent Particle Composition
D Alloyeau, G Prévot, Y Le Bouar, T Oikawa, C Langlois, A Loiseau, ...
Physical review letters 105 (25), 255901, 2010
Phase diagram for mesoporous CTAB–silica films prepared under dynamic conditions
S Besson, T Gacoin, C Ricolleau, C Jacquiod, JP Boilot
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Ion Beam “Photography”: Decoupling nucleation and growth of metal clusters in glass
E Valentin, H Bernas, C Ricolleau, F Creuzet
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3D quantum dot lattice inside mesoporous silica films
S Besson, T Gacoin, C Ricolleau, C Jacquiod, JP Boilot
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S Besson, T Gacoin, C Jacquiod, C Ricolleau, D Babonneau, JP Boilot
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A new 3D organization of mesopores in oriented CTAB silica films
S Besson, C Ricolleau, T Gacoin, C Jacquiod, JP Boilot
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Cu-Ag core-shell nanoparticles: A direct correlation between micro-Raman and electron microscopy
M Cazayous, C Langlois, T Oikawa, C Ricolleau, A Sacuto
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 73 (11), 113402, 2006
Nanoalloys: Synthesis, structure and properties
D Alloyeau, C Mottet, C Ricolleau
Springer Science & Business Media, 2012
Silver nanoparticle growth in 3D-hexagonal mesoporous silica films
S Besson, T Gacoin, C Ricolleau, JP Boilot
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E Fort, C Ricolleau, J Sau-Pueyo
Nano Letters 3 (1), 65-67, 2003
Impact of disorder on optical phonons confined in CdS nano-crystallites embedded in a SiO2 matrix
MI Vasilevskiy, AG Rolo, MJM Gomes, OV Vikhrova, C Ricolleau
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13 (14), 3491, 2001
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