Jacquelyn Gill
Citované v
Citované v
Pleistocene megafaunal collapse, novel plant communities, and enhanced fire regimes in North America
JL Gill, JW Williams, ST Jackson, KB Lininger, GS Robinson
Science 326 (5956), 1100-1103, 2009
People have shaped most of terrestrial nature for at least 12,000 years
EC Ellis, N Gauthier, K Klein Goldewijk, R Bliege Bird, N Boivin, S Díaz, ...
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Multidimensional evaluation of managed relocation
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The theory behind, and the challenges of, conserving nature's stage in a time of rapid change
JJ Lawler, DD Ackerly, CM Albano, MG Anderson, SZ Dobrowski, JL Gill, ...
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Managed relocation: integrating the scientific, regulatory, and ethical challenges
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Looking forward through the past: identification of 50 priority research questions in palaeoecology
AWR Seddon, AW Mackay, AG Baker, HJB Birks, E Breman, CE Buck, ...
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Ecological impacts of the l ate Q uaternary megaherbivore extinctions
JL Gill
New Phytologist 201 (4), 1163-1169, 2014
Climatic and megaherbivory controls on late-glacial vegetation dynamics: a new, high-resolution, multi-proxy record from Silver Lake, Ohio
JL Gill, JW Williams, ST Jackson, JP Donnelly, GC Schellinger
Quaternary Science Reviews 34, 66-80, 2012
Linking abundances of the dung fungus Sporormiella to the density of bison: implications for assessing grazing by megaherbivores in palaeorecords
JL Gill, KK McLauchlan, AM Skibbe, S Goring, CR Zirbel, JW Williams
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The Anthropocene as an event, not an epoch
P Gibbard, M Walker, A Bauer, M Edgeworth, L Edwards, E Ellis, S Finney, ...
Journal of Quaternary Science 37 (3), 395-399, 2022
A practical solution: The Anthropocene is a geological event, not a formal epoch
P Gibbard, A Bauer, M Edgeworth, W Ruddiman, J Gill, D Merritts, ...
Episodes, 2021
Arguments and evidence against a Younger Dryas impact event
M Boslough, K Nicoll, V Holliday, TL Daulton, D Meltzer, N Pinter, ...
Climates, landscapes, and civilizations 198, 13-26, 2012
A 2.5‐million‐year perspective on coarse‐filter strategies for conserving nature's stage
JL Gill, JL Blois, B Benito, S Dobrowski, ML Hunter Jr, JL McGuire
Conservation Biology 29 (3), 640-648, 2015
Model systems for a no‐analog future: species associations and climates during the last deglaciation
JW Williams, JL Blois, JL Gill, LM Gonzales, EC Grimm, A Ordonez, ...
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1297 (1), 29-43, 2013
Long-term herbivore population dynamics in the northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and its implications for early human impacts
X Huang, J Zhang, M Storozum, S Liu, JL Gill, L Xiang, X Ren, J Wang, ...
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 275, 104171, 2020
Widespread underfilling of the potential ranges of North American trees
BJ Seliger, BJ McGill, JC Svenning, JL Gill
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Age models and the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis
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Seabird establishment during regional cooling drove a terrestrial ecosystem shift 5000 years ago
DV Groff, KM Hamley, TJR Lessard, KE Greenawalt, M Yasuhara, ...
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Ten simple rules for a successful remote postdoc
KR Burgio, CMD MacKenzie, SB Borrelle, SKM Ernest, JL Gill, ...
PLoS Computational Biology 16 (5), e1007809, 2020
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