Paula Berman
Paula Berman
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
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Citované v
Citované v
Castor oil biodiesel and its blends as alternative fuel
P Berman, S Nizri, Z Wiesman
biomass and bioenergy 35 (7), 2861-2866, 2011
A new ESI-LC/MS approach for comprehensive metabolic profiling of phytocannabinoids in Cannabis
P Berman, K Futoran, GM Lewitus, D Mukha, M Benami, T Shlomi, D Meiri
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Laplace inversion of low‐resolution NMR relaxometry data using sparse representation methods
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The heterogeneity and complexity of Cannabis extracts as antitumor agents
L Baram, E Pelled, P Berman, B Yellin, E Besser, M Benami, ...
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Cannabis consumption used by cancer patients during immunotherapy correlates with poor clinical outcome
G Bar-Sela, I Cohen, S Campisi-Pinto, GM Lewitus, L Oz-Ari, A Jehassi, ...
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Tandem mass spectrometric quantification of 93 terpenoids in cannabis using static headspace injections
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Study of liquid-phase molecular packing interactions and morphology of fatty acid methyl esters (biodiesel)
P Berman, N Meiri, LA Colnago, TB Moraes, C Linder, O Levi, Y Parmet, ...
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Novel 1H low field nuclear magnetic resonance applications for the field of biodiesel
P Berman, A Leshem, O Etziony, O Levi, Y Parmet, M Saunders, ...
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Metabolic profiling of cannabis secondary metabolites for evaluation of optimal postharvest storage conditions
L Milay*, P Berman*, A Shapira, O Guberman, D Meiri
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Liquid-phase characterization of molecular interactions in polyunsaturated and n-fatty acid methyl esters by 1H low-field nuclear magnetic resonance
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Migraine frequency decrease following prolonged medical cannabis treatment: a cross-sectional study
J Aviram, Y Vysotski, P Berman, GM Lewitus, E Eisenberg, D Meiri
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Cannabinoidomics–An analytical approach to understand the effect of medical Cannabis treatment on the endocannabinoid metabolome
P Berman*, L Sulimani*, A Gelfand, K Amsalem, GM Lewitus, D Meiri
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Cannabis for Medical Use: Versatile Plant Rather Than a Single Drug
S Procaccia, GM Lewitus, C Lipson Feder, A Shapira, P Berman, D Meiri
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Sex differences in medical cannabis-related adverse effects
J Aviram, GM Lewitus, Y Vysotski, P Berman, A Shapira, S Procaccia, ...
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Prolonged medical cannabis treatment is associated with quality of life improvement and reduction of analgesic medication consumption in chronic pain patients
J Aviram, GM Lewitus, Y Vysotski, B Yellin, P Berman, A Shapira, D Meiri
Frontiers in Pharmacology 12, 613805, 2021
1H low field nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry for probing biodiesel autoxidation
P Berman, N Meiri, C Linder, Z Wiesman
Fuel 177, 315-325, 2016
Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract Microdepots Support Controlled Release of Multiple Phytocannabinoids for Extended Therapeutic Effect
A Uziel, A Gelfand, K Amsalem, P Berman, GM Lewitus, D Meiri, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (21), 23707-23716, 2020
Parallel evolution of cannabinoid biosynthesis
P Berman, LA de Haro, A Jozwiak, S Panda, Z Pinkas, Y Dong, ...
Nature plants 9, 817-831, 2023
Fertilization following pollination predominantly decreases phytocannabinoids accumulation and alters the accumulation of terpenoids in cannabis inflorescences
C Lipson Feder, O Cohen, A Shapira, I Katzir, R Peer, O Guberman, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 753847, 2021
Specific phytocannabinoid compositions are associated with analgesic response and adverse effects in chronic pain patients treated with medical cannabis
J Aviram, GM Lewitus, D Pud, S Procaccia, P Berman, B Yellin, Y Vysotski, ...
Pharmacological Research 169, 105651, 2021
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