Susan R. Whitehead
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A communal catalogue reveals Earth’s multiscale microbial diversity
LR Thompson, JG Sanders, D McDonald, A Amir, J Ladau, KJ Locey, ...
Nature 551 (7681), 457-463, 2017
Domestication impacts on plant–herbivore interactions: a meta-analysis
SR Whitehead, MM Turcotte, K Poveda
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 372 …, 2017
The eco-evolutionary impacts of domestication and agricultural practices on wild species
MM Turcotte, H Araki, DS Karp, K Poveda, SR Whitehead
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 372 …, 2017
The many dimensions of phytochemical diversity: linking theory to practice
WC Wetzel, SR Whitehead
Ecology letters 23 (1), 16-32, 2020
Chemical ecology of fruit defence: synergistic and antagonistic interactions among amides from Piper
SR Whitehead, MD Bowers
Functional ecology 28 (5), 1094-1106, 2014
Effect of washing, waxing and low-temperature storage on the postharvest microbiome of apple
A Abdelfattah, SR Whitehead, D Macarisin, J Liu, E Burchard, S Freilich, ...
Microorganisms 8 (6), 944, 2020
Evidence for the adaptive significance of secondary compounds in vertebrate-dispersed fruits
SR Whitehead, MD Bowers
The American Naturalist 182 (5), 563-577, 2013
Herbivore‐induced changes in fruit–frugivore interactions
SR Whitehead, K Poveda
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Interaction diversity explains the maintenance of phytochemical diversity
SR Whitehead, E Bass, A Corrigan, A Kessler, K Poveda
Ecology Letters 24 (6), 1205-1214, 2021
Patterns of Secondary Metabolite Allocation to Fruits and Seeds in Piper reticulatum
SR Whitehead, CS Jeffrey, MD Leonard, CD Dodson, LA Dyer, ...
Journal of chemical ecology 39, 1373-1384, 2013
Iridoid and secoiridoid glycosides in a hybrid complex of bush honeysuckles (Lonicera spp., Caprifolicaceae): Implications for evolutionary ecology and invasion biology
SR Whitehead, MD Bowers
Phytochemistry 86, 57-63, 2013
Fruit secondary compounds mediate the retention time of seeds in the guts of Neotropical fruit bats
JW Baldwin, SR Whitehead
Oecologia 177, 453-466, 2015
Chemical tradeoffs in seed dispersal: defensive metabolites in fruits deter consumption by mutualist bats
SR Whitehead, MFO Quesada, MD Bowers
Oikos 125 (7), 927-937, 2016
Diversity and function of terpene synthases in the production of carrot aroma and flavor compounds
A Muchlinski, M Ibdah, S Ellison, M Yahyaa, B Nawade, S Laliberte, ...
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Leaf herbivory imposes fitness costs mediated by hummingbird and insect pollinators
A Chauta, S Whitehead, M Amaya-Marquez, K Poveda
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Resource allocation trade-offs and the loss of chemical defences during apple domestication
SR Whitehead, K Poveda
Annals of Botany 123 (6), 1029-1041, 2019
Fruits, frugivores, and the evolution of phytochemical diversity
SR Whitehead, GF Schneider, R Dybzinski, AS Nelson, M Gelambi, E Jos, ...
Oikos 2022 (2), 2022
Defensive fruit metabolites obstruct seed dispersal by altering bat behavior and physiology at multiple temporal scales
JW Baldwin, DKN Dechmann, W Thies, SR Whitehead
Ecology 101 (2), e02937, 2020
Effects of seed morphology and elaiosome chemical composition on attractiveness of five Trillium species to seed‐dispersing ants
CN Miller, SR Whitehead, C Kwit
Ecology and Evolution 10 (6), 2860-2873, 2020
Comparative Herbivory Rates and Secondary Metabolite Profiles in the Leaves of Native and Non-Native Lonicera Species
D Lieurance, S Chakraborty, SR Whitehead, JR Powell, P Bonello, ...
Journal of chemical ecology 41, 1069-1079, 2015
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