Azdayanti Muslim
Azdayanti Muslim
Scientist & lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
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Zoonotic Brugia pahangi filariasis in a suburbia of Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia
LH Tan, MY Fong, R Mahmud, A Muslim, YL Lau, A Kamarulzaman
Parasitology international 60 (1), 111-113, 2011
Armigeres subalbatus incriminated as a vector of zoonotic Brugia pahangi filariasis in suburban Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia
A Muslim, MY Fong, R Mahmud, YL Lau, S Sivanandam
Parasites & vectors 6, 1-5, 2013
Natural human infections with Plasmodium cynomolgi, P. inui, and 4 other simian malaria parasites, Malaysia
NJ Yap, H Hossain, T Nada-Raja, R Ngui, A Muslim, BP Hoh, LT Khaw, ...
Emerging Infectious Diseases 27 (8), 2187, 2021
Prevalence, intensity and associated risk factors of soil transmitted helminth infections: A comparison between Negritos (indigenous) in inland jungle and those in resettlement …
A Muslim, S Mohd Sofian, SA Shaari, BP Hoh, YAL Lim
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 13 (4), e0007331, 2019
Light microscopy and molecular identification of Sarcocystis spp. in meat producing animals in Selangor, Malaysia
B Latif, M Kannan Kutty, A Muslim, J Hussaini, E Omar, CC Heo, ...
Tropical Biomedicine 32 (3), 444-452, 2015
Detection of sarcocystosis in goats in Malaysia by light microscopy, histology, and PCR
MK Kutty, B Latif, A Muslim, J Hussaini, AM Daher, CC Heo, S Abdullah
Tropical animal health and production 47, 751-756, 2015
Vector and reservoir host of a case of human Brugia pahangi infection in Selangor, peninsular Malaysia
A Muslim, MY Fong, R Mahmud, S Sivanandam
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Human and animal sarcocystosis in Malaysia: a review
B Latif, A Muslim
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine 6 (11), 982-988, 2016
Nutritional status, hemoglobin level and their associations with soil-transmitted helminth infections between Negritos (indigenous) from the inland jungle village and …
A Muslim, YAL Lim, S Mohd Sofian, SA Shaari, Z Mohd Zain
Plos one 16 (1), e0245377, 2021
Genetic polymorphism and natural selection in the C-terminal 42 kDa region of merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP-1) among Plasmodium knowlesi samples from …
NJ Yap, I Vythilingam, BP Hoh, XT Goh, A Muslim, R Ngui, Y Rajoo, ...
Parasites & vectors 11, 1-11, 2018
Inferring the phylogenetic position of Brugia pahangi using 18S ribosomal RNA (18S rRNA) gene sequence
MY Fong, A Thanabalan, A Muslim, YL Lau, S Sivanandam, R Mahmud
Tropical biomedicine 25 (1), 87-92, 2008
Hepatitis B virus infection: Epidemiology and seroprevalence rate amongst Negrito tribe in Malaysia.
N Sahlan, MN Fadzilah, A Muslim, SA Shaari, A Rahman, BP Hoh
The Medical Journal of Malaysia 74 (4), 320-325, 2019
Tinea imbricata among the indigenous communities: Current global epidemiology and research gaps associated with host genetics and skin microbiota
YX Er, SC Lee, LTL Than, A Muslim, KF Leong, Z Kwan, I Mohd Sayed, ...
Journal of Fungi 8 (2), 202, 2022
Human and animal pentastomiasis in Malaysia
BMA Latif, A Muslim, HC Chin
Journal of Tropical Life Science 6 (2), 131-135, 2016
A Laboratory Perspective on an Epidemiological Pattern of Infectious Gastroenteritis: A Five-year Surveillance between 2016 to 2020 from Established Private Healthcare Centers …
FM Nor, S Aazmi, TS Anuar, A Muslim, MN Aziz, N Ibrahim, ...
Journal of Pure & Applied Microbiology 17 (1), 2023
Detection of human Sarcocystosis using dried blood on filter papers: An Immunofluorescent Antibody Test
PS Sharudin, R Rahimi, B Latif, MK Kutty, A Muslim, AS Abdul Rahim, ...
Tropical Biomedicine 36 (2), 453-458, 2019
Filariasis in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor: entomological, parasitological and molecular studies
A Muslim
University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 2010
Re-emergence of dengue virus serotype 3: A laboratory perspective from the private healthcare centre, Malaysia
FZ Nor, F. M., Aazmi, S., Anuar, T. A., Muslim, A., Aziz, M. N., Ibrahim, N ...
Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology 28 (4), 1-8, 2023
A new host record of Haemaphysalis semermis (Acari: Ixodidae) from the domestic cat (Felis catus) (Carnivora: Felidae) in Orang Asli village, Pahang National …
AR Kazim, S Shezryna, M Azdayanti, J Houssaini, D Tappe, CC Heo
Journal of medical entomology 60 (3), 615-619, 2023
Postmortem skin microbiome signatures associated with human cadavers within the first 12h at the morgue
L Iancu, A Muslim, S Aazmi, V Jitaru
Frontiers in Microbiology 14, 1234254, 2023
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