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Tim Burton
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What causes intraspecific variation in resting metabolic rate and what are its ecological consequences?
T Burton, SS Killen, JD Armstrong, NB Metcalfe
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1724), 3465-3473, 2011
Can environmental conditions experienced in early life influence future generations?
T Burton, NB Metcalfe
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1785), 20140311, 2014
Early maternal experience shapes offspring performance in the wild
T Burton, S McKelvey, DC Stewart, JD Armstrong, NB Metcalfe
Ecology 94 (3), 618-626, 2013
Egg hormones in a highly fecund vertebrate: do they influence offspring social structure in competitive conditions?
T Burton, MO Hoogenboom, JD Armstrong, TGG Groothuis, NB Metcalfe
Functional Ecology 25 (6), 1379-1388, 2011
Environmental change and the rate of phenotypic plasticity
T Burton, II Ratikainen, S Einum
Global Change Biology 28 (18), 5337-5345, 2022
How to quantify thermal acclimation capacity?
S Einum, I Ratikainen, J Wright, C Pélabon, C Bech, F Jutfelt, C Stawski, ...
Global Change Biology 25 (6), 1893-1894, 2019
Among-sibling differences in the phenotypes of juvenile fish depend on their location within the egg mass and maternal dominance rank
T Burton, MO Hoogenboom, ND Beevers, JD Armstrong, NB Metcalfe
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280 (1751), 20122441, 2013
Embryonic and juvenile attachment structures in Cherax cainii (Decapoda: Parastacidae): Implications for maternal care
T Burton, B Knott, D Judge, P Vercoe, A Brearley
The American midland naturalist 157 (1), 127-136, 2007
Offspring investment in wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar): relationships with smolt age and spawning condition
T Burton, S McKelvey, DC Stewart, JD Armstrong, NB Metcalfe
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22 (2), 317-321, 2013
Implantation of cocoa butter reduces egg and hatchling size in Salmo trutta
MO Hoogenboom, JD Armstrong, MS Miles, T Burton, TGG Groothuis, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 79 (3), 587-596, 2011
Acclimation capacity and rate change through life in the zooplankton Daphnia
T Burton, HK Lakka, S Einum
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1924), 20200189, 2020
Automated measurement of upper thermal limits in small aquatic animals
T Burton, B Zeis, S Einum
Journal of Experimental Biology 221 (17), jeb182386, 2018
Divergence in rates of phenotypic plasticity among ectotherms
S Einum, T Burton
Ecology Letters 26 (1), 147-156, 2023
Adaptive maternal investment in the wild? Links between maternal growth trajectory and offspring size, growth, and survival in contrasting environments
T Burton, N Rollinson, S McKelvey, DC Stewart, JD Armstrong, ...
The American Naturalist 195 (4), 678-690, 2020
Measuring phenotypes in fluctuating environments
T Burton, HK Lakka, S Einum
Functional ecology 34 (3), 606-615, 2020
The old and the large may suffer disproportionately during episodes of high temperature: evidence from a keystone zooplankton species
T Burton, S Einum
Conservation Physiology 8 (1), coaa038, 2020
Maternal age at maturation underpins contrasting behavior in offspring
T Burton, G Robertsen, DC Stewart, S McKelvey, JD Armstrong, ...
Behavioral Ecology 27 (5), 1280-1287, 2016
Evolutionary change in metabolic rate of Daphnia pulicaria following invasion by the predator Bythotrephes longimanus
V Rani, T Burton, M Walsh, S Einum
Ecology and Evolution 12 (6), e9003, 2022
For Shame
L Jackson
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Television Documentaries, Sydney 3, 2001
Eco‐phenotypic growth in juvenile smooth marron, Cherax cainii (Decapoda: Parastacidae)
T Burton, B Knott, P Vercoe, A Brearley
Fisheries management and ecology 14 (5), 309-317, 2007
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