Amanda N. Gesselman
Amanda N. Gesselman
The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction
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Less sex, but more sexual diversity: Changes in sexual behavior during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic
JJ Lehmiller, JR Garcia, AN Gesselman, KP Mark
Leisure in the Time of Coronavirus, 178-187, 2022
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ML Haupert, AN Gesselman, AC Moors, HE Fisher, JR Garcia
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VP Ta, AN Gesselman, BL Perry, HE Fisher, JR Garcia
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CV Smith, BW Hadden, GD Webster, PK Jonason, AN Gesselman, ...
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JR Garcia, AN Gesselman, SA Siliman, BL Perry, K Coe, HE Fisher
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Worth a thousand interpersonal words: Emoji as affective signals for relationship-oriented digital communication
AN Gesselman, VP Ta, JR Garcia
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Has virginity lost its virtue? Relationship stigma associated with being a sexually inexperienced adult
AN Gesselman, GD Webster, JR Garcia
The Journal of Sex Research 54 (2), 202-213, 2017
Eliciting empathy for adults in chronic pain through autobiographical memory sharing
S Bluck, JM Baron, SA Ainsworth, AN Gesselman, KL Gold
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Psycho‐Oncology 26 (10), 1691-1699, 2017
The Happy American Body 2.0: Predictors of affective body satisfaction in two US national internet panel surveys
DA Frederick, JR Garcia, AN Gesselman, KP Mark, E Hatfield, ...
Body image 32, 70-84, 2020
Estimates and correlates of engagement in consensually non-monogamous relationships
ML Haupert, AC Moors, AN Gesselman, JR Garcia
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GD Webster, AN Gesselman, LC Crysel, AB Brunell, PK Jonason, ...
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Exploring Perceptions of Social Justice Advocacy Competence Among School Counselors
TM Crook, S Stenger, AN Gesselman
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Women’s and men’s reactions to receiving unsolicited genital images from men
AS Marcotte, AN Gesselman, HE Fisher, JR Garcia
The Journal of Sex Research 58 (4), 512-521, 2021
Age-related patterns in sexual behaviors and attitudes among single US Adults: An evolutionary approach.
PB Gray, JR Garcia, AN Gesselman
Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences 13 (2), 111, 2019
Sexual desire in the time of COVID-19: How COVID-related stressors are associated with sexual desire in romantic relationships
RN Balzarini, A Muise, G Zoppolat, AN Gesselman, JJ Lehmiller, ...
Archives of sexual behavior 51 (8), 3823-3838, 2022
Desire, familiarity, and engagement in polyamory: Results from a national sample of single adults in the United States
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The structure and content of long-term and short-term mate preferences
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Variance in mood symptoms across menstrual cycles: implications for premenstrual dysphoric disorder
TK Lorenz, AN Gesselman, VJ Vitzthum
Women's Reproductive Health 4 (2), 77-88, 2017
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