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Ramon Reigada
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Citované v
Effects of Dimethyl Sulfoxide in Cholesterol-Containing Lipid Membranes: A Comparative Study of Experiments In Silico and with Cells
MA de Ménorval, LM Mir, ML Fernández, R Reigada
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H Martinez-Seara, T Róg, M Pasenkiewicz-Gierula, I Vattulainen, ...
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Cholesterol induces specific spatial and orientational order in cholesterol/phospholipid membranes
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ML Fernandez, G Marshall, F Sagués, R Reigada
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Plankton blooms induced by turbulent flows
R Reigada, RM Hillary, MA Bees, JM Sancho, F Sagués
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Size-controlled nanopores in lipid membranes with stabilizing electric fields
ML Fernández, M Risk, R Reigada, PT Vernier
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Energy relaxation in nonlinear one-dimensional lattices
R Reigada, A Sarmiento, K Lindenberg
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Influence of cis double-bond parametrization on lipid membrane properties: how seemingly insignificant details in force-field change even qualitative trends
H Martinez-Seara, T Róg, M Karttunen, R Reigada, I Vattulainen
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A Monte Carlo simulation of localized corrosion
R Reigada, F Sagués, JM Costa
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Electroporation of heterogeneous lipid membranes
R Reigada
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1838 (3), 814-821, 2014
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J Gómez, F Sagués, R Reigada
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Robustness and stability of the gene regulatory network involved in DV boundary formation in the Drosophila wing
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Texture changes inside smectic-C droplets in azobenzene langmuir monolayers
J Ignés-Mullol, J Claret, R Albalat, J Crusats, R Reigada, MTM Romero, ...
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Interplay of cytoskeletal activity and lipid phase stability in dynamic protein recruitment and clustering
J Gómez-Llobregat, J Buceta, R Reigada
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Nonequilibrium patterns and shape fluctuations in reactive membranes
R Reigada, J Buceta, K Lindenberg
Physical Review E 71 (5), 051906, 2005
Enhanced pulse propagation in nonlinear arrays of oscillators
A Sarmiento, R Reigada, AH Romero, K Lindenberg
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Asymptotic dynamics of breathers in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam chains
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Traveling waves and nonequilibrium stationary patterns in two-component reactive langmuir monolayers
R Reigada, F Sagués, AS Mikhailov
Physical review letters 89 (3), 038301, 2002
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