Moritz Maus
Moritz Maus
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HM Maus, SW Lipfert, M Gross, J Rummel, A Seyfarth
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MA Sharbafi, C Maufroy, HM Maus, A Seyfarth, MN Ahmadabadi, ...
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HM Maus, A Seyfarth
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Stabilisierung des oberkoerpers beim rennen und gehen
HM Maus
Biomechanical and neuromechanical concepts for legged locomotion: Computer models and robot validation: Andre Seyfarth, Sten Grimmer, Daniel Häufle, Horst-Moritz Maus, Frank …
A Seyfarth, S Grimmer
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HM Maus
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C Maufroy, M Maus, K Radkhah, D Scholz, A Seyfarth, O von Stryk
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