Daniel J.G. Pearce
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Citované v
Role of projection in the control of bird flocks
DJG Pearce, AM Miller, G Rowlands, MS Turner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (29), 10422-10426, 2014
Curvature-induced defect unbinding and dynamics in active nematic toroids
PW Ellis, DJG Pearce, YW Chang, G Goldsztein, L Giomi, ...
Nature Physics 14 (1), 85-90, 2018
Geometry and mechanics of microdomains in growing bacterial colonies
Z You, DJG Pearce, A Sengupta, L Giomi
Physical Review X 8 (3), 031065, 2018
Geometrical control of active turbulence in curved topographies
DJG Pearce, PW Ellis, A Fernandez-Nieves, L Giomi
Physical review letters 122 (16), 168002, 2019
Cooperative ordering of treadmilling filaments in cytoskeletal networks of FtsZ and its crosslinker ZapA
P Caldas, M López-Pelegrín, DJG Pearce, NB Budanur, J Brugués, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 5744, 2019
Polymer vesicles with a colloidal armor of nanoparticles
R Chen, DJG Pearce, S Fortuna, DL Cheung, SAF Bon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (7), 2151-2153, 2011
Mono-to multilayer transition in growing bacterial colonies
Z You, DJG Pearce, A Sengupta, L Giomi
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Confinement-induced self-organization in growing bacterial colonies
Z You, DJG Pearce, L Giomi
Science Advances 7 (4), eabc8685, 2021
Density regulation in strictly metric-free swarms
DJG Pearce, MS Turner
New Journal of Physics 16 (8), 082002, 2014
Orientational correlations in active and passive nematic defects
DJG Pearce, J Nambisan, PW Ellis, A Fernandez-Nieves, L Giomi
Physical Review Letters 127 (19), 197801, 2021
Cellular geometry controls the efficiency of motile sperm aggregates
DJG Pearce, LA Hoogerbrugge, KA Hook, HS Fisher, L Giomi
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15 (148), 20180702, 2018
Self-assembly dynamics of reconfigurable colloidal molecules
I Chakraborty, DJG Pearce, RW Verweij, SC Matysik, L Giomi, DJ Kraft
ACS nano 16 (2), 2471-2480, 2022
Chiral edge current in nematic cell monolayers
V Yashunsky, DJG Pearce, C Blanch-Mercader, F Ascione, P Silberzan, ...
Physical Review X 12 (4), 041017, 2022
Properties of twisted topological defects in 2D nematic liquid crystals
DJG Pearce, K Kruse
Soft Matter 17 (31), 7408-7417, 2021
Activity driven orientational order in active nematic liquid crystals on an anisotropic substrate
DJG Pearce
Physical review letters 122 (22), 227801, 2019
Emergent behavioural phenotypes of swarming models revealed by mimicking a frustrated anti-ferromagnet
DJG Pearce, MS Turner
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 12 (111), 20150520, 2015
Defect order in active nematics on a curved surface
DJG Pearce
New Journal of Physics 22 (6), 063051, 2020
Linear response to leadership, effective temperature, and decision making in flocks
DJG Pearce, L Giomi
Physical Review E 94 (2), 022612, 2016
Defect-driven shape transitions in elastic active nematic shells
DJG Pearce, S Gat, G Livne, A Bernheim-Groswasser, K Kruse
arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.13141, 2020
Coupling the topological defect phase to the extrinsic curvature in nematic shells
DJG Pearce
Soft Matter 18 (27), 5082-5088, 2022
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