Anna S. Bodrova
Anna S. Bodrova
National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
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Citované v
Size distribution of particles in Saturn’s rings from aggregation and fragmentation
N Brilliantov, PL Krapivsky, A Bodrova, F Spahn, H Hayakawa, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (31), 9536-9541, 2015
Underdamped scaled Brownian motion:(non-) existence of the overdamped limit in anomalous diffusion
AS Bodrova, AV Chechkin, AG Cherstvy, H Safdari, IM Sokolov, R Metzler
Scientific reports 6 (1), 30520, 2016
Resetting processes with noninstantaneous return
AS Bodrova, IM Sokolov
Physical Review E 101 (5), 052130, 2020
Scaled Brownian motion with renewal resetting
AS Bodrova, AV Chechkin, IM Sokolov
Physical Review E 100 (1), 012120, 2019
Geometry-induced superdiffusion in driven crowded systems
O Bénichou, A Bodrova, D Chakraborty, P Illien, A Law, ...
Physical review letters 111 (26), 260601, 2013
Nonrenewal resetting of scaled Brownian motion
AS Bodrova, AV Chechkin, IM Sokolov
Physical Review E 100 (1), 012119, 2019
Negative normal restitution coefficient found in simulation of nanocluster collisions
K Saitoh, A Bodrova, H Hayakawa, NV Brilliantov
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Ultraslow scaled Brownian motion
AS Bodrova, AV Chechkin, AG Cherstvy, R Metzler
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Quantifying non-ergodic dynamics of force-free granular gases
A Bodrova, AV Chechkin, AG Cherstvy, R Metzler
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (34), 21791-21798, 2015
A model of ballistic aggregation and fragmentation
NV Brilliantov, AS Bodrova, PL Krapivsky
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2009 (06), P06011, 2009
Aging underdamped scaled Brownian motion: Ensemble-and time-averaged particle displacements, nonergodicity, and the failure of the overdamping approximation
H Safdari, AG Cherstvy, AV Chechkin, A Bodrova, R Metzler
Physical Review E 95 (1), 012120, 2017
Intermediate regimes in granular Brownian motion: Superdiffusion and subdiffusion
A Bodrova, AK Dubey, S Puri, N Brilliantov
Physical review letters 109 (17), 178001, 2012
Continuous-time random walks under power-law resetting
AS Bodrova, IM Sokolov
Physical Review E 101 (6), 062117, 2020
A theory of microphase separation in the melt of diblock copolymers with smectic liquid crystalline side groups
II Potemkin, AS Bodrova
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Adhesion and collisional release of particles in dense planetary rings
A Bodrova, J Schmidt, F Spahn, N Brilliantov
Icarus 218 (1), 60-68, 2012
Influence of the counterion size on swelling and collapse of polyelectrolyte gel
AS Bodrova, II Potemkin
Polymer Science Series A 49, 737-744, 2007
Brownian motion under noninstantaneous resetting in higher dimensions
AS Bodrova, IM Sokolov
Physical Review E 102 (3), 032129, 2020
Smoluchowski aggregation–fragmentation equations: Fast numerical method to find steady-state solutions
V Stadnichuk, A Bodrova, N Brilliantov
International Journal of Modern Physics B 29 (29), 1550208, 2015
Velocity distribution function and effective restitution coefficient for a granular gas of viscoelastic particles
AK Dubey, A Bodrova, S Puri, N Brilliantov
Physical Review E 87 (6), 062202, 2013
Universality of temperature distribution in granular gas mixtures with a steep particle size distribution
A Bodrova, D Levchenko, N Brilliantov
Europhysics Letters 106 (1), 14001, 2014
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