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Climate change increases the drought risk in Central European forests: what are the otions for adaptation?
T Hlásny, C Mátyás, R Seidl, L Kulla, K Merganicová
Crop planting date matters: Estimation methods and effect on future yields
L Dobor, Z Barcza, T Hlásny, T Árendás, T Spitkó, N Fodor
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Is salvage logging effectively dampening bark beetle outbreaks and preserving forest carbon stocks?
L Dobor, T Hlásny, W Rammer, S Zimová, I Barka, R Seidl
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Terrestrial ecosystem process model Biome-BGCMuSo v4. 0: summary of improvements and new modeling possibilities
D Hidy, Z Barcza, H Marjanović, MZ Ostrogović Sever, L Dobor, G Gelybó, ...
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Bridging the gap between climate models and impact studies: The FORESEE Database
L Dobor, Z Barcza, T Hlásny, Á Havasi, F Horváth, P Ittzés, J Bartholy
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The productivity of mixed mountain forests comprised of Fagus sylvatica, Picea abies, and Abies alba across Europe
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Post-disturbance recovery of forest carbon in a temperate forest landscape under climate change
L Dobor, T Hlásny, W Rammer, I Barka, J Trombik, P Pavlenda, V Šebeň, ...
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Future climate of the Carpathians: climate change hot-spots and implications for ecosystems
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Spatial configuration matters when removing windfelled trees to manage bark beetle disturbances in Central European forest landscapes
L Dobor, T Hlásny, W Rammer, S Zimová, I Barka, R Seidl
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BioVeL: a virtual laboratory for data analysis and modelling in biodiversity science and ecology
AR Hardisty, F Bacall, N Beard, MP Balcázar-Vargas, B Balech, Z Barcza, ...
BMC ecology 16, 1-16, 2016
Climate warming induced synchronous growth decline in Norway spruce populations across biogeographical gradients since 2000
M Bosela, J Tumajer, E Cienciala, L Dobor, L Kulla, P Marčiš, I Popa, ...
Science of the Total Environment 752, 141794, 2021
Long-term effects of environmental change and species diversity on tree radial growth in a mixed European forest
M Bosela, L Kulla, J Roessiger, V Šebeň, L Dobor, U Büntgen, M Lukac
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Reducing rotation age to address increasing disturbances in Central Europe: Potential and limitations
S Zimová, L Dobor, T Hlásny, W Rammer, R Seidl
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Evidence of elevation-specific growth changes of spruce, fir, and beech in European mixed mountain forests during the last three centuries
H Pretzsch, T Hilmers, P Biber, A Avdagić, F Binder, A Bončina, M Bosela, ...
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Impact of expected climate change on soil water regime under different vegetation conditions
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Contrasting vulnerability of monospecific and species‐diverse forests to wind and bark beetle disturbance: The role of management
L Dobor, T Hlásny, S Zimová
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Identification of years with extreme vegetation state in Central Europe based on remote sensing and meteorological data
A Kern, H Marjanović, L Dobor, M Anić, T Hlásny, Z Barcza
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European beech stem diameter grows better in mixed than in mono-specific stands at the edge of its distribution in mountain forests
H Pretzsch, T Hilmers, E Uhl, K Bielak, M Bosela, M del Rio, L Dobor, ...
European Journal of Forest Research 140, 127-145, 2021
Variance decomposition of predictions of stem biomass increment for European beech: Contribution of selected sources of uncertainty
JA Horemans, M Bosela, L Dobor, M Barna, J Bahyl, G Deckmyn, ...
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Terrestrial ecosystem process model Biome-BGCMuSo v4. 0: summary of improvements and new modeling possibilities, Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 4405–4437
D Hidy, Z Barcza, H Marjanovic, MZO Sever, L Dobor, G Gelybó, N Fodor, ...
gmd-9-4405-2016, 2016
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