Piyush Dahal
Piyush Dahal
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Livelihood vulnerability approach to assessing climate change impacts on mixed agro-livestock smallholders around the Gandaki River Basin in Nepal
J Panthi, S Aryal, P Dahal, P Bhandari, NY Krakauer, VP Pandey
Regional Environmental Change 16 (4), 1121-1132, 2016
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Rainfall in the Gandaki River Basin of Nepal Himalaya
J Panthi, P Dahal, ML Shrestha, S Aryal, NY Krakauer, SM Pradhanang, ...
Climate 3 (1), 210-226, 2015
Drought risk assessment in central Nepal: temporal and spatial analysis
P Dahal, NS Shrestha, ML Shrestha, NY Krakauer, J Panthi, ...
Natural Hazards 80 (3), 1913–1932, 2015
Modeling the future impacts of climate change on water availability in the Karnali River Basin of Nepal Himalaya
P Dahal, ML Shrestha, J Panthi, D Pradhananga
Environmental Research 185, 109430, 2020
Impact of Irrigation Method on Water Use Efficiency and Productivity of Fodder Crops in Nepal
AK Jha, R Malla, M Sharma, J Panthi, T Lakhankar, NY Krakauer, ...
Climate 4 (1), 4, 2016
Water poverty in the context of climate change: a case study from Karnali river basin in Nepal Himalaya
J Panthi, KR Khatiwada, ML Shrestha, P Dahal
International Journal of River Basin Management 17 (2), 243-250, 2019
Evaluating climatic and non-climatic stresses for declining surface water quality in Bagmati River of Nepal
J Panthi, F Li, H Wang, S Aryal, P Dahal, S Ghimire, M Kabenge
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 189 (6), 292, 2017
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in a Hill Farming System of the Himalayan Region: Climatic Trends, Farmers’ Perceptions and Practices
KR Dahal, P Dahal, RK Adhikari, V Naukkarinen, D Panday, N Bista, ...
Climate 11 (1), 11, 2022
Insights on the Impacts of Hydroclimatic Extremes and Anthropogenic Activities on Sediment Yield of a River Basin
R Talchabhadel, J Panthi, S Sharma, GR Ghimire, R Baniya, P Dahal, ...
Earth 2 (1), 32-50, 2021
Hydrologic Regionalization under Data Scarcity: Implications for Streamflow Prediction
J Panthi, R Talchabhadel, GR Ghimire, S Sharma, P Dahal, R Baniya, ...
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 26 (9), 05021022, 2021
Weather radar in Nepal: opportunities and challenges in a mountainous region
R Talchabhadel, GR Ghimire, S Sharma, P Dahal, J Panthi, R Baniya, ...
Weather, 2021
Benchmarking Real-Time Streamflow Forecast Skill in the Himalayan Region
GR Ghimire, S Sharma, J Panthi, R Talchabhadel, B Parajuli, P Dahal, ...
Forecasting 2 (3), 230-247, 2020
Climate change and livestock system in mountain: Understanding from Gandaki River basin of Nepal Himalaya.
P Dahal, NS Shrestha, N Krakauer, T Lakhankar, S Panthi, J., ...
2015 AGU Fall Meeting, 2015
Analysis of Meteorological Drought in Gandaki River Basin Nepal By Standardized Precipitation Index.
P Dahal, NS Shrestha
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 1, 1092, 2014
Livelihood Vulnerability Approach to Assess Climate Change Impacts to the Smallholder Farmers around the Gandaki River Basin of Nepal Himalaya
J Panthi, P Dahal, N Krakauer, S Aryal, P Bhandari, VP Pandey
Analyses of Extreme Weather Indices in the Mountain: A Case Study of the Gandaki River Basin, Nepal
NS Shrestha, P Dahal
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 1, 0600, 2014
Soil and Water Conservation Technology for Climate Change Adaptation in Nepal
AK Jha, NY Krakauer, MP Bhandari, MJ Panthi, P Dahal, M Sharma, ...
Precipitation Trends and Implications for Agricultural Adaptation Needs in Gandaki River Basin, Nepal
MJ Panthi, MP Dahal, NY Krakauer
Climate Adaptation to Smallholder Farmers–A Sustainable Approach in Gandaki River Basin of Nepal Himalaya
ML Shrestha, MJ Panthi, AK Jha, NY Krakauer, P Dahal, M Sharma, ...
Trend of Extreme Weather Indices in the Mountain: A Case Study of the Gandaki River Basin, Nepal
NS Shrestha, P Dahal
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