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Aurelie Moya
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Citované v
Citované v
Rapid adaptive responses to climate change in corals
G Torda, JM Donelson, M Aranda, DJ Barshis, L Bay, ML Berumen, ...
Nature Climate Change 7 (9), 627-636, 2017
Whole transcriptome analysis of the coral Acropora millepora reveals complex responses to CO2‐driven acidification during the initiation of calcification
A Moya, L Huisman, EE Ball, DC Hayward, LC Grasso, CM Chua, ...
Molecular ecology 21 (10), 2440-2454, 2012
Carbonic anhydrase in the scleractinian coral Stylophora pistillata characterization, localization, and role in biomineralization
A Moya, S Tambutté, A Bertucci, E Tambutté, S Lotto, D Vullo, CT Supuran, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (37), 25475-25484, 2008
Carbonic anhydrases in anthozoan corals—A review
A Bertucci, A Moya, S Tambutté, D Allemand, CT Supuran, D Zoccola
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 21 (6), 1437-1450, 2013
Study of calcification during a daily cycle of the coral Stylophora pistillata: implications forlight-enhanced calcification'
A Moya, S Tambutté, E Tambutté, D Zoccola, N Caminiti, D Allemand
Journal of experimental biology 209 (17), 3413-3419, 2006
Adaptations to endosymbiosis in a cnidarian-dinoflagellate association: differential gene expression and specific gene duplications
P Ganot, A Moya, V Magnone, D Allemand, P Furla, C Sabourault
PLoS genetics 7 (7), e1002187, 2011
Characterization and role of carbonic anhydrase in the calcification process of the azooxanthellate coral Tubastrea aurea
S Tambutté, E Tambutté, D Zoccola, N Caminiti, S Lotto, A Moya, ...
Marine Biology 151, 71-83, 2007
Rapid acclimation of juvenile corals to CO2‐mediated acidification by upregulation of heat shock protein and Bcl‐2 genes
A Moya, L Huisman, S Foret, JP Gattuso, DC Hayward, EE Ball, DJ Miller
Molecular ecology 24 (2), 438-452, 2015
Temperature affects the early life history stages of corals more than near future ocean acidification
CM Chua, W Leggat, A Moya, AH Baird
Marine Ecology Progress Series 475, 85-92, 2013
The transcriptomic response to thermal stress is immediate, transient and potentiated by ultraviolet radiation in the sea anemone Anemonia viridis
A Moya, P Ganot, P Furla, C Sabourault
Molecular Ecology 21 (5), 1158-1174, 2012
Near‐future pH conditions severely impact calcification, metabolism and the nervous system in the pteropod Heliconoides inflatus
A Moya, EL Howes, T Lacoue‐Labarthe, S Forêt, B Hanna, M Medina, ...
Global change biology 22 (12), 3888-3900, 2016
A framework for understanding climate change impacts on coral reef social–ecological systems
JE Cinner, MS Pratchett, NAJ Graham, V Messmer, MMPB Fuentes, ...
Regional Environmental Change 16 (4), 1133-1146, 2016
The Whole-Genome Sequence of the Coral Acropora millepora
H Ying, DC Hayward, I Cooke, W Wang, A Moya, KR Siemering, ...
Genome biology and evolution 11 (5), 1374-1379, 2019
Specific expression of BMP2/4 ortholog in biomineralizing tissues of corals and action on mouse BMP receptor
D Zoccola, A Moya, GE Béranger, E Tambutté, D Allemand, GF Carle, ...
Marine biotechnology 11, 260-269, 2009
Functional genomic analysis of corals from natural CO2‐seeps reveals core molecular responses involved in acclimatization to ocean acidification
CD Kenkel, A Moya, J Strahl, C Humphrey, LK Bay
Global change biology 24 (1), 158-171, 2018
Functional conservation of the apoptotic machinery from coral to man: the diverse and complex Bcl-2 and caspase repertoires of Acropora millepora
A Moya, K Sakamaki, BM Mason, L Huisman, S Forêt, Y Weiss, TE Bull, ...
BMC genomics 17 (1), 1-20, 2016
An Indo-Pacific coral spawning database
AH Baird, JR Guest, AJ Edwards, AG Bauman, J Bouwmeester, H Mera, ...
Scientific data 8 (1), 35, 2021
Morphological stasis masks ecologically divergent coral species on tropical reefs
P Bongaerts, IR Cooke, H Ying, D Wels, S den Haan, ...
Current Biology 31 (11), 2286-2298. e8, 2021
Dual RNA‐sequencing analyses of a coral and its native symbiont during the establishment of symbiosis
AR Mohamed, N Andrade, A Moya, CX Chan, AP Negri, DG Bourne, ...
Molecular Ecology 29 (20), 3921-3937, 2020
Near-future reductions in pH will have no consistent ecological effects on the early life-history stages of reef corals
CM Chua, W Leggat, A Moya, AH Baird
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