Andrew D Higginson
Andrew D Higginson
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The evolution of decision rules in complex environments
TW Fawcett, B Fallenstein, AD Higginson, AI Houston, DEW Mallpress, ...
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Current incentives for scientists lead to underpowered studies with erroneous conclusions
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Heavy use of equations impedes communication among biologists
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Adaptive use of information during growth can explain long-term effects of early life experiences
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Environmental heterogeneity, genotype-by-environment interactions and the reliability of sexual traits as indicators of mate quality
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The locus of sexual selection: moving sexual selection studies into the post‐genomics era
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The starvation-predation trade-off predicts trends in body size, muscularity, and adiposity between and within taxa
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Altruism in a volatile world
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Paying for nectar with wingbeats: a new model of honeybee foraging
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Fatness and fitness: exposing the logic of evolutionary explanations for obesity
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Adaptive changes in size and age at metamorphosis can qualitatively vary with predator type and available defenses
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Optimal defensive coloration strategies during the growth period of prey
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Adaptive learning can result in a failure to profit from good conditions: implications for understanding depression
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Trust your gut: using physiological states as a source of information is almost as effective as optimal Bayesian learning
AD Higginson, TW Fawcett, AI Houston, JM McNamara
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1871), 20172411, 2018
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