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Citované v
Citované v
Aligned carbon nanotube arrays formed by cutting a polymer resin—nanotube composite
PM Ajayan, O Stephan, C Colliex, D Trauth
science 265 (5176), 1212-1214, 1994
Mapping surface plasmons on a single metallic nanoparticle
J Nelayah, M Kociak, O Stéphan, FJ García de Abajo, M Tencé, L Henrard, ...
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Carbon nanotubes as removable templates for metal oxide nanocomposites and nanostructures
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Zeptomol detection through controlled ultrasensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering
L Rodríguez-Lorenzo, RA Álvarez-Puebla, I Pastoriza-Santos, ...
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Octahedral boron nitride fullerenes formed by electron beam irradiation
D Golberg, Y Bando, O Stephan, K Kurashima
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Bright UV Single Photon Emission at Point Defects in h-BN
R Bourrellier, S Meuret, A Tararan, O Stéphan, M Kociak, LHG Tizei, ...
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Spin-crossover coordination nanoparticles
F Volatron, L Catala, E Rivière, A Gloter, O Stéphan, T Mallah
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Synthesis of N-doped SWNT using the arc-discharge procedure
M Glerup, J Steinmetz, D Samaille, O Stephan, S Enouz, A Loiseau, ...
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Formation of small single-layer and nested BN cages under electron irradiation of nanotubes and bulk material.
O Stephan, Y Bando, A Loiseau, F Willaime, N Shramchenko, T Tamiya, ...
Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing 67 (1), 1998
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Measurement of the Optical Gaps<? format?> on Individual Boron Nitride Single-Walled and Multiwalled Nanotubes
R Arenal, O Stéphan, M Kociak, D Taverna, A Loiseau, C Colliex
Physical review letters 95 (12), 127601, 2005
Mapping plasmons at the nanometer scale in an electron microscope
M Kociak, O Stéphan
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (11), 3865-3883, 2014
Growth of manganese filled carbon nanofibers in the vapor phase
PM Ajayan, C Colliex, JM Lambert, P Bernier, L Barbedette, M Tence, ...
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Root-growth mechanism for single-walled boron nitride nanotubes in laser vaporization technique
R Arenal, O Stephan, JL Cochon, A Loiseau
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (51), 16183-16189, 2007
Ultraviolet photodetector based on GaN/AlN quantum disks in a single nanowire
L Rigutti, M Tchernycheva, A De Luna Bugallo, G Jacopin, FH Julien, ...
Nano letters 10 (8), 2939-2943, 2010
Mn promotion effects in Co/TiO2 Fischer–Tropsch catalysts as investigated by XPS and STEM-EELS
F Morales, FMF de Groot, OLJ Gijzeman, A Mens, O Stephan, ...
Journal of Catalysis 230 (2), 301-308, 2005
Evolution of Fe species during the synthesis of over-exchanged Fe/ZSM5 obtained by chemical vapor deposition of FeCl3
AA Battiston, JH Bitter, FMF De Groot, AR Overweg, O Stephan, ...
Journal of catalysis 213 (2), 251-271, 2003
Filling carbon nanotubes with metals by the arc-discharge method: the key role of sulfur
N Demoncy, O Stephan, N Brun, C Colliex, A Loiseau, H Pascard
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Microscopic mechanisms for the catalyst assisted growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes
J Gavillet, A Loiseau, F Ducastelle, S Thair, P Bernier, O Stephan, ...
Carbon 40 (10), 1649-1663, 2002
Unveiling nanometer scale extinction and scattering phenomena through combined electron energy loss spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence measurements
A Losquin, LF Zagonel, V Myroshnychenko, B Rodríguez-González, ...
Nano letters 15 (2), 1229-1237, 2015
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