Oskar Englund
Oskar Englund
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How to analyse ecosystem services in landscapes—A systematic review
O Englund, G Berndes, C Cederberg
Ecological Indicators 73, 492-504, 2017
Potential increase of legal deforestation in Brazilian Amazon after Forest Act revision
FLM Freitas, G Sparovek, G Berndes, UM Persson, O Englund, A Barretto, ...
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Beneficial land use change: Strategic expansion of new biomass plantations can reduce environmental impacts from EU agriculture
O Englund, P Börjesson, G Berndes, N Scarlat, JF Dallemand, B Grizzetti, ...
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Make EU trade with Brazil sustainable
L Kehoe, T Reis, M Virah-Sawmy, A Balmford, T Kuemmerle, ...
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Who owns the Brazilian carbon?
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How do sustainability standards consider biodiversity?
O Englund, G Berndes
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Multifunctional perennial production systems for bioenergy: performance and progress
O Englund, I Dimitriou, VH Dale, KL Kline, B Mola‐Yudego, F Murphy, ...
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A new high‐resolution nationwide aboveground carbon map for Brazil
O Englund, G Sparovek, G Berndes, F Freitas, JP Ometto, PVDCE Oliveira, ...
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Oil palm for biodiesel in Brazil—risks and opportunities
O Englund, G Berndes, UM Persson, G Sparovek
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Strategic deployment of riparian buffers and windbreaks in Europe can co-deliver biomass and environmental benefits
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A global survey of stakeholder views and experiences for systems needed to effectively and efficiently govern sustainability of bioenergy
I Stupak, J Joudrey, CT Smith, L Pelkmans, H Chum, A Cowie, O Englund, ...
Advances in Bioenergy: The Sustainability Challenge, 507-534, 2016
Geospatial supply-demand modeling of lignocellulosic biomass for electricity and biofuels in the European Union
O Cintas, G Berndes, O Englund, F Johnsson
Biomass and Bioenergy 144, 105870, 2021
Geospatial supply–demand modeling of biomass residues for co‐firing in European coal power plants
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Lignocellulosic crops in agricultural landscapes: Production systems for biomass and other environmental benefits–Examples, incentives, and barriers
I Dimitriou, G Berndes, O Englund, F Murphy
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Biofuels baseline 2008
C Hamelinck, M Koper, G Berndes, O Englund, R Diaz-Chavez, E Kunen, ...
The role of sustainability requirements in international bioenergy markets
L Pelkmans, L Goovaerts, CS Goh, M Junginger, J van Dam, I Stupak, ...
International Bioenergy Trade: History, status & outlook on securing …, 2014
Meeting sustainability requirements for SRC bioenergy: usefulness of existing tools, responsibilities of involved stakeholders, and recommendations for further developments
O Englund, G Berndes, F Fredrikson, I Dimitriou
BioEnergy Research 5, 606-620, 2012
Towards a resilient and resource-efficient local food system based on industrial symbiosis in härnösand: a Swedish case study
H Haller, AS Fagerholm, P Carlsson, W Skoglund, P van den Brink, ...
Sustainability 14 (4), 2197, 2022
The roles of public and private governance in promoting sustainable bioenergy
G Englund, Oskar, Berndes
The Law and Policy of Biofuels, 30-58, 2016
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