Ladislav Naďo
Ladislav Naďo
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Citované v
Foraging strategy of Kuhl's pipistrelle at the northern edge of the species distribution
E Maxinová, M Kipson, L Naďo, P Hradická, M Uhrin
Acta Chiropterologica 18 (1), 215-222, 2016
Highly selective roosting of the giant noctule bat and its astonishing foraging activity by GPS tracking in a mountain environment
L Naďo, D Lőbbová, E Hapl, M Ceľuch, M Uhrin, M Šara, P Kaňuch
Mammal Research 64 (4), 587–594, 2019
Swarming behaviour associated with group cohesion in tree-dwelling bats
L Naďo, P Kaňuch
Behavioural Processes 120, 80-86, 2015
Dawn swarming in tree-dwelling bats — an unexplored behaviour
L Naďo, P Kaňuch
Acta Chiropterologica 15 (2), 387-392, 2013
Why sampling ratio matters: Logistic regression and studies of habitat use
L Nad’o, P Kaňuch
PloS ONE 13 (7), e0200742, 2018
Roost site selection by tree‐dwelling bats across biogeographical regions: an updated meta‐analysis with meta‐regression
L Naďo, P Kaňuch
Mammal Review 45 (4), 215-226, 2015
Structural, temporal and genetic properties of social groups in the short-lived migratory bat Nyctalus leisleri
L Naďo, R Chromá, P Kaňuch
Behaviour 154 (7-8), 785 – 807, 2017
Comprehensive analysis of bird mortality along power distribution lines in Slovakia
M Gális, L Naďo, E Hapl, J Šmídt, L Deutschová, J Chavko
Raptor Journal 13, 1-25, 2019
Foraging habitat, home-range size and diet of a mediterranean bat species, Savi's pipistrelle
M Kipson, M Šálek, R Lučan, M Uhrin, E Maxinová, T Bartonička, ...
Acta Chiropterologica 20 (2), 351-360, 2018
Response of Orthoptera to clear-cuts in beech forests
A Sliacka, A Kristin, L Nado
European Journal of Entomology 110 (2), 319-326, 2013
Cooperative nest‐defence behaviour and territory quality in a resident and socially monogamous passerine
L Naďo, M Kašová, A Krištín, P Kaňuch
Ethology 124 (7), 514-526, 2018
Size‐dependent mating pattern in a nuptial gift‐giving insect
M Dorková, L Naďo, B Jarčuška, P Kaňuch
Ecology and Evolution 9 (1), 454-462, 2019
Quantitative biogeography of Orthoptera does not support classical qualitative regionalization of the Carpathian Mountains
B Jarčuška, P Kaňuch, L Naďo, A Krištín
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 128 (4), 887-900, 2019
Slovak Translation and Cross-Cultural Validation of the Eating Assessment Tool (EAT10®)
Z Frajkova, D Paouris, L Nado, I Vyrvova, A Fabianova, A Printza, L Varga, ...
Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (19), 5966, 2022
SkyBat: A swarm robotic model inspired by fission-fusion behaviour of bats
J Zelenka, T Kasanický, I Budinská, L Naďo, P Kaňuch
Mechanisms and Machine Science, 67: 521-528, Springer (Advances in Service …, 2019
A noteworthy record of Rhinolophus hipposideros nursery roost under a road bridge
P Kaňuch, L Naďo, A Krištín
Vespertilio 18, 163-166, 2016
Structure of tree vegetation may reduce costs of territory defence in Eurasian Nuthatch Sitta europaea
M Kašová, L Naďo, P Kaňuch
Bird Study 61 (3), 413-420, 2014
Tree roosts and competitors of Nyctalus noctula in the Sihoť town park, Nitra, Slovakia
L Naďo, M Ceľuch, M Ševčík, P Kaňuch
Vespertilio 15, 71-77, 2011
Environmental variables do not explain the high size fluctuations in Rhinolophus euryale pre-hibernating aggregation
M Uhrin, M Sabolíková, L Naďo, E Maxinová
Biologia, 1-9, 2020
Orthoptera assemblages of beech stand plots during early succession stages after clearcutting
A Sliacka, A Krištín, L Naďo
Journal of Forest Science 59 (3), 93-100, 2013
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