Genevieve Housman
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Drug resistance in cancer: an overview
G Housman, S Byler, S Heerboth, K Lapinska, M Longacre, N Snyder, ...
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EMT and tumor metastasis
S Heerboth, G Housman, M Leary, M Longacre, S Byler, K Lapinska, ...
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Genetic and epigenetic aspects of breast cancer progression and therapy
S Byler, S Goldgar, S Heerboth, M Leary, G Housman, K Moulton, ...
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Differential DNA methylation of vocal and facial anatomy genes in modern humans
D Gokhman, M Nissim-Rafinia, L Agranat-Tamir, G Housman, ...
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The COMBREX project: design, methodology, and initial results
BP Anton, YC Chang, P Brown, HP Choi, LL Faller, J Guleria, Z Hu, ...
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Mycobacterium leprae genomes from naturally infected nonhuman primates
TP Honap, LA Pfister, G Housman, S Mills, RP Tarara, K Suzuki, ...
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COMBREX: a project to accelerate the functional annotation of prokaryotic genomes
RJ Roberts, YC Chang, Z Hu, JN Rachlin, BP Anton, RM Pokrzywa, ...
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A comparative analysis of genetic and epigenetic events of breast and ovarian cancer related to tumorigenesis
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Anti-breast cancer effects of histone deacetylase inhibitors and calpain inhibitor
MA Mataga, S Rosenthal, S Heerboth, A Devalapalli, S Kokolus, ...
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Population genetic structure of traditional populations in the Peruvian Central Andes and implications for South American population history
GS Cabana, CM Lewis, RY Tito, RA Covey, AM Cáceres, F Augusto, ...
Human Biology 86 (3), 147-165, 2014
Assessment of DNA methylation patterns in the bone and cartilage of a nonhuman primate model of osteoarthritis
G Housman, LM Havill, EE Quillen, AG Comuzzie, AC Stone
Cartilage 10 (3), 335-345, 2019
An Introduction to the Callithrix Genus and Overview of Recent Advances in Marmoset Research
J Malukiewicz, V Boere, MAB De Oliveira, M D’arc, JVA Ferreira, J French, ...
ILAR journal 61 (2-3), 110-138, 2020
The effects of histone deacetylase inhibitor and calpain inhibitor combination therapies on ovarian cancer cells
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Recent Regulatory Changes Shaped the Human Facial and Vocal Anatomy
D Gokhman, L Agranat-Tamir, G Housman, M Nissim-Rafinia, ...
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Prime time for primate functional genomics
G Housman, Y Gilad
Current opinion in genetics & development 62, 1-7, 2020
Intraspecific and interspecific investigations of skeletal DNA methylation and femur morphology in primates
G Housman, EE Quillen, AC Stone
American journal of physical anthropology 173 (1), 34-49, 2020
Extensive regulatory changes in genes affecting vocal and facial anatomy separate modern from archaic humans
D Gokhman, L Agranat-Tamir, G Housman, R Garcia-Perez, ...
BioRxiv, 106955, 2017
Evolutionary insights into primate skeletal gene regulation using a comparative cell culture model
G Housman, E Briscoe, Y Gilad
PLoS genetics 18 (3), e1010073, 2022
Validation of qPCR Methods for the Detection of Mycobacterium in New World Animal Reservoirs
G Housman, J Malukiewicz, V Boere, AD Grativol, LCM Pereira, IO Silva, ...
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An evolutionary perspective of DNA methylation patterns in skeletal tissues using a baboon model of osteoarthritis
G Housman, EE Quillen, AC Stone
Journal of Orthopaedic Research® 39 (10), 2260-2269, 2021
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