Diana J Hamilton
Diana J Hamilton
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The Motus Wildlife Tracking System: a collaborative research network to enhance the understanding of wildlife movement. Avian Conserv Ecol. 2017
PD Taylor, TL Crewe, SA Mackenzie, D Lepage, Y Aubry, Z Crysler, ...
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The Motus Wildlife Tracking System: a collaborative research network to enhance the understanding of wildlife movement
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Direct and indirect effects of predation by common eiders and abiotic disturbance in an intertidal community
DJ Hamilton
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Diet reconstruction using next-generation sequencing increases the known ecosystem usage by a shorebird
TG Gerwing, JH Kim, DJ Hamilton, MA Barbeau, JA Addison
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Effects of seed size and density on growth, tissue-to-shell ratio and survival of cultivated mussels (Mytilus edulis) in Prince Edward Island, Canada
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A comparison of the heat shock response in juvenile and adult rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)-implications for increased thermal sensitivity with age
SL Fowler, D Hamilton, S Currie
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Shorebirds, snails, and the amphipod (Corophium volutator) in the upper Bay of Fundy: top–down vs. bottom–up factors, and the influence of compensatory interactions on mudflat …
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Size-selective predation of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) by common eiders (Somateria mollissima) under controlled field conditions
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Variability in foraging behavior and implications for diet breadth among Semipalmated Sandpipers staging in the Upper Bay of Fundy
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Site Safety and Food Affect Movements of Semipalmated Sandpipers (Calidris pusilla) Migrating Through the Upper Bay of Fundy Effets de la sécurité du site et de la …
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Effects of mesh size on sieved samples of Corophium volutator
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Variation in diet of Semipalmated Sandpipers (Calidris pusilla) during stopover in the upper Bay of Fundy, Canada
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Shorebirds, mud snails, and Corophium volutator in the upper Bay of Fundy, Canada: predicting bird activity on intertidal mud flats
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Spatiotemporal Variation in Biotic and Abiotic Features of Eight Intertidal Mudflats in the Upper Bay of Fundy, Canada
TG Gerwing, AMA Gerwing, D Drolet, MA Barbeau, DJ Hamilton
Northeastern Naturalist 22 (m12), 1-44, 2015
Effect of mussel density and size on the morphology of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) grown in suspended culture in Prince Edward Island, Canada
JS Lauzon-Guay, DJ Hamilton, MA Barbeau
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Relative Importance of Biotic and Abiotic Forces on the Composition and Dynamics of a Soft-Sediment Intertidal Community
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Spatial and temporal variation in the population dynamics of the intertidal amphipod Corophium volutator in the upper Bay of Fundy, Canada
MA Barbeau, LA Grecian, EE Arnold, DC Sheahan, DJ Hamilton
Journal of Crustacean Biology 29 (4), 491-506, 2009
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