Lu Fan 范陆
Lu Fan 范陆
Southern University of Science and Technology
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Citované v
Functional equivalence and evolutionary convergence in complex communities of microbial sponge symbionts
L Fan, D Reynolds, M Liu, M Stark, S Kjelleberg, NS Webster, T Thomas
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (27), E1878-E1887, 2012
Dissecting microbial community structure and methane-producing pathways of a full-scale anaerobic reactor digesting activated sludge from wastewater treatment by metagenomic …
J Guo, Y Peng, BJ Ni, X Han, L Fan, Z Yuan
Microbial cell factories 14, 1-11, 2015
Marine microbial symbiosis heats up: the phylogenetic and functional response of a sponge holobiont to thermal stress
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Metaproteogenomic analysis of a community of sponge symbionts
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Metagenomic analysis of anammox communities in three different microbial aggregates
J Guo, Y Peng, L Fan, L Zhang, BJ Ni, B Kartal, X Feng, MSM Jetten, ...
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Deinococcus radiodurans PprI switches on DNA damage response and cellular survival networks after radiation damage
H Lu, G Gao, G Xu, L Fan, L Yin, B Shen, Y Hua
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 8 (3), 481-494, 2009
Thermal stress responses in the bacterial biosphere of the Great Barrier Reef sponge, Rhopaloeides odorabile
R Simister, MW Taylor, P Tsai, L Fan, TJ Bruxner, ML Crowe, N Webster
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Phylogenetic analyses with systematic taxon sampling show that mitochondria branch within Alphaproteobacteria
L Fan, D Wu, V Goremykin, J Xiao, Y Xu, S Garg, C Zhang, WF Martin, ...
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Deep sequencing of non-ribosomal peptide synthetases and polyketide synthases from the microbiomes of Australian marine sponges
JN Woodhouse, L Fan, MV Brown, T Thomas, BA Neilan
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Reconstruction of ribosomal RNA genes from metagenomic data
L Fan, K McElroy, T Thomas
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Effects of nitrate dosing on sulfidogenic and methanogenic activities in sewer sediment
Y Liu, KR Sharma, BJ Ni, L Fan, S Murthy, GQ Tyson, Z Yuan
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Determining Multiple Responses of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 to an Antimicrobial Agent, Free Nitrous Acid
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A nearly uniform distributional pattern of heterotrophic bacteria in the Mariana Trench interior
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The concentration-determined and population-specific antimicrobial effects of free nitrous acid on Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
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Applied microbiology and biotechnology 99, 2305-2312, 2015
The contamination of microplastics in China's aquatic environment: occurrence, detection and implications for ecological risk
Z Zhang, SH Gao, G Luo, Y Kang, L Zhang, Y Pan, X Zhou, L Fan, B Liang, ...
Environmental Pollution 296, 118737, 2022
Anomalous phylogenetic behavior of ribosomal proteins in metagenome-assembled Asgard archaea
SG Garg, N Kapust, W Lin, M Knopp, FDK Tria, S Nelson-Sathi, SB Gould, ...
Genome Biology and Evolution 13 (1), evaa238, 2021
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Engineering Deinococcus radiodurans into biosensor to monitor radioactivity and genotoxicity in environment
G GuanJun, F Lu, L HuiMing, H YueJin
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A holistic genome dataset of bacteria, archaea and viruses of the Pearl River estuary
B Xu, F Li, L Cai, R Zhang, L Fan, C Zhang
Scientific Data 9 (1), 49, 2022
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