Lorenzo Angeletti
Lorenzo Angeletti
Researcher, National Research Council, CNR
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Citované v
The “Sardinian Cold-Water Coral Province” in the context of the Mediterranean coral ecosystems
M Taviani, L Angeletti, S Canese, R Cannas, F Cardone, A Cau, AB Cau, ...
Deep-Sea Research II, 2015
New deep-water cnidarian sites in the southern Adriatic Sea
L Angeletti, M Taviani, S Canese, F Foglini, F Mastrototaro, A Argnani, ...
Mediterranean Marine Science 15 (2), 263-273, 2014
The submerged paleolandscape of the Maltese Islands: Morphology, evolution and relation to Quaternary environmental change
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CoCoNet: towards coast to coast networks of marine protected areas (from the shore to the high and deep sea), coupled with sea-based wind energy potential
F Boero, F Foglini, S Fraschetti, P Goriup, E Macpherson, S Planes, ...
Deakin University, 2016
Reprint of'On and off the beaten track: Megafaunal sessile life and Adriatic cascading processes'
M Taviani, L Angeletti, L Beuck, E Campiani, S Canese, F Foglini, ...
Marine Geology 375, 146-160, 2016
The Gela Basin pockmark field in the strait of Sicily (Mediterranean Sea): chemosymbiotic faunal and carbonate signatures of postglacial to modern cold seepage
M Taviani, L Angeletti, A Ceregato, F Foglini, C Froglia, F Trincardi
Biogeosciences 10, 4653-4671, 2013
Cold-water coral associated fauna in the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent areas
JL Rueda, J Urra, R Aguilar, L Angeletti, M Bo, C García-Ruiz, ...
In: C Orejas, C Jiménez (eds). Mediterranean Cold-Water Corals: Past …, 2019
A unique and threatened deep water coral-bivalve biotope new to the Mediterranean Sea offshore the Naples megalopolis
M Taviani, L Angeletti, F Cardone, P Montagna, R Danovaro
Scientific reports 9 (1), 3411, 2019
The Trave section (Monte dei Corvi, Ancona, Central Italy): an integrated paleontological study of the Messinian deposits
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Predictive habitat modeling in two Mediterranean canyons including hydrodynamic variables
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Progress in Oceanography, 2018
Geo-biology of Mediterranean deep-water coral ecosystems
M Taviani, L Angeletti, B Antolini, A Ceregato, C Froglia, M Lopez Correa, ...
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Towards a marine strategy for the deep Mediterranean Sea: Analysis of current ecological status
R Danovaro, E Fanelli, M Canals, T Ciuffardi, MC Fabri, M Taviani, ...
Marine Policy 112, 103781, 2020
Application of hyperspectral imaging to underwater habitat mapping, Southern Adriatic Sea
F Foglini, V Grande, F Marchese, VA Bracchi, M Prampolini, L Angeletti, ...
Sensors 19 (10), 2261, 2019
ROV vs trawling approaches in the study of benthic communities: the case of Pennatula rubra (Cnidaria: Pennatulacea)
G Chimienti, L Angeletti, L Rizzo, A Tursi, F Mastrototaro
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 2018
A shallow water record of the onset of the Messinian salinity crisis in the Adriatic foredeep (Legnagnone section, Northern Apennines)
R Gennari, V Manzi, L Angeletti, A Bertini, U Biffi, A Ceregato, C Faranda, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 386, 145-164, 2013
Withdrawal behaviour of the red sea pen Pennatula rubra (Cnidaria: Pennatulacea)
G Chimienti, L Angeletti, F Mastrototaro
The European Zoological Journal 85 (1), 64-70, 2018
The “chimney forest” of the deep Montenegrin margin, south-eastern Adriatic Sea
L Angeletti, S Canese, F Franchi, P Montagna, J Reitner, EO Walliser, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 66, 542-554, 2015
Late Quaternary coastal landscape morphology and evolution of the Maltese Islands (Mediterranean Sea) reconstructed from high-resolution seafloor data
F Foglini, MC Prampolini, A Micallef, L Angeletti, V Vandelli, A Deidun, ...
Harff, J; Bailey, G; Luth, F; (eds) Geology and Archaeology: Submerged …, 2015
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