A. Murat Maga
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Citované v
Maternal ethanol consumption alters the epigenotype and the phenotype of offspring in a mouse model
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Heterozygous Mutations of FREM1 Are Associated with an Increased Risk of Isolated Metopic Craniosynostosis in Humans and Mice
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SlicerMorph: An open and extensible platform to retrieve, visualize and analyse 3D morphology
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Quantitative trait loci affecting the 3D skull shape and size in mouse and prioritization of candidate genes in-silico
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Mutations in CRADD result in reduced caspase-2-mediated neuronal apoptosis and cause megalencephaly with a rare lissencephaly variant
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A new mammal skull from the Lower Cretaceous of China with implications for the evolution of obtuse-angled molars and ‘amphilestid’eutriconodonts
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Hominoidea (Primates)
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Skeleton of an unusual, cat-sized marsupial relative (Metatheria: Marsupialiformes) from the middle Eocene (Lutetian: 44-43 million years ago) of Turkey
AM Maga, RMD Beck
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Postnatal development of the craniofacial skeleton in male C57BL/6J mice
A Murat Maga
Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 55 (2 …, 2016
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