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Janet Gardner
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Declining body size: a third universal response to warming?
JL Gardner, A Peters, MR Kearney, L Joseph, R Heinsohn
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AA Hoffmann, PD Rymer, M Byrne, KX Ruthrof, J Whinam, M McGeoch, ...
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JL Gardner
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Maternal investment tactics in superb fairy-wrens
AF Russell, NE Langmore, JL Gardner, RM Kilner
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Changing students’ perceptions of the homeless: A community service learning experience
J Gardner, J Emory
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A new synthesis of the molecular systematics and biogeography of honeyeaters (Passeriformes: Meliphagidae) highlights biogeographical and ecological complexity of a spectacular …
L Joseph, A Toon, AS Nyari, NW Longmore, KMC Rowe, T Haryoko, ...
Zoologica Scripta 43 (3), 235-248, 2014
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Climate‐related spatial and temporal variation in bill morphology over the past century in Australian parrots
DJE Campbell‐Tennant, JL Gardner, MR Kearney, MRE Symonds
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