Clara Mendes Ferreira
Clara Mendes Ferreira
Potsdam Universität
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Citované v
Genetic non-invasive sampling (gNIS) as a cost-effective tool for monitoring elusive small mammals
CM Ferreira, H Sabino-Marques, S Barbosa, P Costa, C Encarnação, ...
European Journal of Wildlife Research 64, 1-15, 2018
Endemic species may have complex histories: within‐refugium phylogeography of an endangered Iberian vole
S Barbosa, J Paupério, JS Herman, CM Ferreira, R Pita, ...
Molecular Ecology 26 (3), 951-967, 2017
Combining genetic non-invasive sampling with spatially explicit capture-recapture models for density estimation of a patchily distributed small mammal
H Sabino-Marques, CM Ferreira, J Paupério, P Costa, S Barbosa, ...
European Journal of Wildlife Research 64, 1-14, 2018
Intraspecific genetic diversity and distribution of North African hedgehogs (Mammalia: Erinaceidae)
G Velo-Antón, Z Boratyński, CM Ferreira, VO Lima, PC Alves, JC Brito
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 127 (1), 156-163, 2019
Drivers of survival in a small mammal of conservation concern: An assessment using extensive genetic non-invasive sampling in fragmented farmland
A Proença-Ferreira, C Ferreira, I Leitão, J Paupério, H Sabino-Marques, ...
Biological Conservation 230, 131-140, 2019
Enriching captivity conditions with natural elements does not prevent the loss of wild‐like gut microbiota but shapes its compositional variation in two small mammals
A Koziol, I Odriozola, L Nyholm, A Leonard, C San José, J Pauperio, ...
MicrobiologyOpen 11 (5), e1318, 2022
Top‐down effects of foraging decisions on local, landscape and regional biodiversity of resources (DivGUD)
JA Eccard, C Mendes Ferreira, A Peredo Arce, M Dammhahn
Ecology letters 25 (1), 3-16, 2022
From species detection to population size indexing: the use of sign surveys for monitoring a rare and otherwise elusive small mammal
D Peralta, T Vaz-Freire, C Ferreira, T Mendes, A Mira, S Santos, PC Alves, ...
European Journal of Wildlife Research 69 (1), 9, 2023
Forager-mediated cascading effects on food resource species diversity
CM Ferreira, M Dammhahn, JA Eccard
Ecology and Evolution 12 (11), e9523, 2022
MAMMALS IN PORTUGAL: A data set of terrestrial, volant, and marine mammal occurrences in Portugal
C Grilo, BC Afonso, F Afonso, M Alexandre, S Aliácar, A Almeida, ...
Ecology, e3654, 2022
The role of male quality in sequential mate choice: pregnancy replacement in small mammals?
L Vodjerek, F Erixon, C Mendes Ferreira, J Fickel, JA Eccard
Royal Society Open Science 11 (7), 240189, 2024
So many choices, so little time: Food preference and movement vary with the landscape of fear
CM Ferreira, M Dammhahn, JA Eccard
Ecology and Evolution 13 (7), e10330, 2023
Indirect, tri-trophic effects of fear on biodiversity
C Mendes Ferreira
Universität Potsdam, 2023
Ventajas y coste-beneficio del uso de la genética no invasiva en estudios ecológicos de mamíferos
PC Alves, J Paupério, C Ferreira, P Ferreras, PS Monterroso, R Godinho
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