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Citované v
Amplification of HER-2 in gastric carcinoma: association with Topoisomerase IIα gene amplification, intestinal type, poor prognosis and sensitivity to trastuzumab
M Tanner, M Hollmen, TT Junttila, AI Kapanen, S Tommola, Y Soini, ...
Annals of Oncology 16 (2), 273-278, 2005
Six-week endurance exercise alters gut metagenome that is not reflected in systemic metabolism in over-weight women
E Munukka, JP Ahtiainen, P Puigbó, S Jalkanen, K Pahkala, A Keskitalo, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 2323, 2018
Single-cell survey of human lymphatics unveils marked endothelial cell heterogeneity and mechanisms of homing for neutrophils
A Takeda, M Hollmén, D Dermadi, J Pan, KF Brulois, R Kaukonen, ...
Immunity 51 (3), 561-572. e5, 2019
G-CSF regulates macrophage phenotype and associates with poor overall survival in human triple-negative breast cancer
M Hollmén, S Karaman, S Schwager, A Lisibach, AJ Christiansen, ...
Oncoimmunology 5 (3), e1115177, 2016
Characterization of macrophage-cancer cell crosstalk in estrogen receptor positive and triple-negative breast cancer
M Hollmén, F Roudnicky, S Karaman, M Detmar
Scientific reports 5 (1), 9188, 2015
Blockade of VEGF-C and VEGF-D modulates adipose tissue inflammation and improves metabolic parameters under high-fat diet
S Karaman, M Hollmén, MR Robciuc, A Alitalo, H Nurmi, B Morf, ...
Molecular metabolism 4 (2), 93-105, 2015
Clever-1/stabilin-1 controls cancer growth and metastasis
M Karikoski, F Marttila-Ichihara, K Elima, P Rantakari, M Hollmén, ...
Clinical cancer research 20 (24), 6452-6464, 2014
Pim-1 kinase expression predicts radiation response in squamocellular carcinoma of head and neck and is under the control of epidermal growth factor receptor
K Peltola, M Hollmen, SM Maula, E Rainio, R Ristamäki, M Luukkaa, ...
Neoplasia 11 (7), 629-IN1, 2009
Immunotherapeutic Blockade of Macrophage Clever-1 Reactivates the CD8+ T-cell Response against Immunosuppressive Tumors
M Viitala, R Virtakoivu, S Tadayon, J Rannikko, S Jalkanen, M Hollmén
Clinical Cancer Research 25 (11), 3289-3303, 2019
Somatic mutations of ErbB4: selective loss-of-function phenotype affecting signal transduction pathways in cancer
D Tvorogov, M Sundvall, K Kurppa, M Hollmén, S Repo, MS Johnson, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (9), 5582-5591, 2009
Suppression of breast cancer cell growth by a monoclonal antibody targeting cleavable ErbB4 isoforms
M Hollmén, JA Määttä, L Bald, MX Sliwkowski, K Elenius
Oncogene 28 (10), 1309-1319, 2009
Lymphatic endothelial cells attenuate inflammation via suppression of dendritic cell maturation
AJ Christiansen, LC Dieterich, I Ohs, SB Bachmann, R Bianchi, ST Proulx, ...
Oncotarget 7 (26), 39421, 2016
Adipose tissue hypertrophy, an aberrant biochemical profile and distinct gene expression in lipedema
G Felmerer, A Stylianaki, R Hägerling, A Wang, P Ströbel, M Hollmén, ...
journal of surgical research 253, 294-303, 2020
Aberrant circulating levels of purinergic signaling markers are associated with several key aspects of peripheral atherosclerosis and thrombosis
J Jalkanen, GG Yegutkin, M Hollmén, K Aalto, T Kiviniemi, V Salomaa, ...
Circulation research 116 (7), 1206-1215, 2015
Drug pharmacokinetics determined by real‐time analysis of mouse breath
X Li, P Martinez‐Lozano Sinues, R Dallmann, L Bregy, M Hollmén, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (27), 7815-7818, 2015
The orphan adhesion G protein-coupled receptor GPR97 regulates migration of lymphatic endothelial cells via the small GTPases RhoA and Cdc42
N Valtcheva, A Primorac, G Jurisic, M Hollmén, M Detmar
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (50), 35736-35748, 2013
Cancer immunotherapies transition endothelial cells into HEVs that generate TCF1+ T lymphocyte niches through a feed-forward loop
Y Hua, G Vella, F Rambow, E Allen, AA Martinez, M Duhamel, A Takeda, ...
Cancer Cell 40 (12), 1600-1618. e10, 2022
Transgenic overexpression of VEGF-C induces weight gain and insulin resistance in mice
S Karaman, M Hollmén, SY Yoon, HF Alkan, K Alitalo, C Wolfrum, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 31566, 2016
New tools to prevent cancer growth and spread: a ‘Clever’approach
M Hollmén, CR Figueiredo, S Jalkanen
British Journal of Cancer 123 (4), 501-509, 2020
Proteolytic processing of ErbB4 in breast cancer
M Hollmen, P Liu, K Kurppa, H Wildiers, I Reinvall, T Vandorpe, A Smeets, ...
PLoS One 7 (6), e39413, 2012
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