Rebecca J Hall
Rebecca J Hall
Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
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Horizontal gene transfer as a source of conflict and cooperation in prokaryotes
RJ Hall, FJ Whelan, JO McInerney, Y Ou, MR Domingo Sananes
Frontiers in Microbiology 11, 1569, 2020
Epidermal keratinocytes initiate wound healing and pro-inflammatory immune responses following percutaneous schistosome infection
CD Bourke, CT Prendergast, DE Sanin, TE Oulton, RJ Hall, AP Mountford
International journal for parasitology 45 (4), 215-224, 2015
The role of potentiating mutations in the evolution of pandemic Escherichia coli clones
EA Cummins, AE Snaith, A McNally, RJ Hall
European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 1-10, 2021
Evidence for selection in the abundant accessory gene content of a prokaryote pangenome
FJ Whelan, RJ Hall, JO McInerney
Molecular biology and evolution 38 (9), 3697-3708, 2021
A Tale of Three Species: Adaptation of Sodalis glossinidius to Tsetse Biology, Wigglesworthia Metabolism, and Host Diet
RJ Hall, LA Flanagan, MJ Bottery, V Springthorpe, S Thorpe, AC Darby, ...
MBio 10 (1), 10.1128/mbio. 02106-18, 2019
Gene-gene relationships in an Escherichia coli accessory genome are linked to function and mobility
RJ Hall, FJ Whelan, EA Cummins, C Connor, A McNally, JO McInerney
Microbial genomics 7 (9), 2021
Prokaryote pangenomes are dynamic entities
EA Cummins, RJ Hall, JO McInerney, A McNally
Current Opinion in Microbiology 66, 73-78, 2022
Distinct evolutionary trajectories in the Escherichia coli pangenome occur within sequence types
EA Cummins, RJ Hall, C Connor, JO McInerney, A McNally
Microbial Genomics 8 (11), 2022
Simulating the evolutionary trajectories of metabolic pathways for insect symbionts in the genus Sodalis
RJ Hall, S Thorpe, GH Thomas, AJ Wood
Microbial genomics 6 (7), 2020
Growth in a biofilm promotes conjugation of a blaNDM-1-bearing plasmid between Klebsiella pneumoniae strains
SJ Element, RA Moran, E Beattie, RJ Hall, W van Schaik, MMC Buckner
mSphere 8 (4), 10.1128/msphere.00170-23, 2023
The Sodalis system and flux balance analysis as a tool for investigating insect-microbe interactions and the evolution of symbioses
R Hall, L Flanagan, M Bottery, V Springthorpe, S Thorpe, A Darby, J Wood, ...
Access Microbiology 1 (1A), 176, 2019
Phytoremediation as a Tool to Remove Drivers of Antimicrobial Resistance in the Aquatic Environment
KF Chowdhury, RJ Hall, A McNally, LJ Carter
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 261 (1), 16, 2023
Parallel loss of type VI secretion systems in two multi-drug-resistant Escherichia coli lineages
EA Cummins, RA Moran, AE Snaith, RJ Hall, CH Connor, SJ Dunn, ...
Microbial Genomics 9 (11), 001133, 2023
Non-antibiotic pharmaceuticals exhibit toxicity against Escherichia coli at environmentally relevant concentrations with no evolution of cross-resistance to antibiotics
RJ Hall, AE Snaith, S Element, RA Moran, H Smith, EA Cummins, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.08. 21.554069, 2023
Multidrug resistance plasmids commonly reprogram the expression of metabolic genes in Escherichia coli
RJ Hall, AE Snaith, MJN Thomas, MA Brockhurst, A McNally
Msystems, e01193-23, 2024
The Microbiome of the Tsetse: Metabolic adaptation and the evolution of symbiosis
RJ Hall
University of York, 2019
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