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Kevin C Rowe
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Multiple geographic origins of commensalism and complex dispersal history of black rats
KP Aplin, H Suzuki, AA Chinen, RT Chesser, J Ten Have, SC Donnellan, ...
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Ecological opportunity and incumbency in the diversification of repeated continental colonizations by muroid rodents
JJ Schenk, KC Rowe, SJ Steppan
Systematic biology 62 (6), 837-864, 2013
Pliocene colonization and adaptive radiations in Australia and New Guinea (Sahul): multilocus systematics of the old endemic rodents (Muroidea: Murinae)
KC Rowe, ML Reno, DM Richmond, RM Adkins, SJ Steppan
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 47 (1), 84-101, 2008
Taxonomy based on science is necessary for global conservation
SA Thomson, RL Pyle, ST Ahyong, M Alonso-Zarazaga, J Ammirati, ...
PLoS biology 16 (3), e2005075, 2018
Surviving the ice: Northern refugia and postglacial colonization
KC Rowe, EJ Heske, PW Brown, KN Paige
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Recent and Rapid Speciation with Limited Morphological Disparity in the Genus Rattus
KC Rowe, KP Aplin, PR Baverstock, C Moritz
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Spatially heterogeneous impact of climate change on small mammals of montane California
KC Rowe, KMC Rowe, MW Tingley, MS Koo, JL Patton, CJ Conroy, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1799), 20141857, 2015
Museum genomics: low‐cost and high‐accuracy genetic data from historical specimens
KC Rowe, S Singhal, MD Macmanes, JF Ayroles, TL Morelli, EM Rubidge, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 11 (6), 1082-1092, 2011
The stress response of European stonechats depends on the type of stressor
V Canoine, T Hayden, K Rowe, W Goymann
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Segregating Variation in the Transcriptome: Cis Regulation and Additivity of Effects
KA Hughes, JF Ayroles, MM Reedy, JM Drnevich, KC Rowe, EA Ruedi, ...
Genetics 173 (3), 1347-1355, 2006
A genomewide assessment of inbreeding depression: gene number, function, and mode of action
JF Ayroles, KA Hughes, KC Rowe, MM Reedy, SL RODRIGUEZ‐ZAS, ...
Conservation Biology 23 (4), 920-930, 2009
Effects of experience and object complexity on exploration in garden warblers (Sylvia borin)
C Mettke‐Hofmann, KC Rowe, TJ Hayden, V Canoine
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Evolutionary novelty in a rat with no molars
JA Esselstyn, AS Achmadi, KC Rowe
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Size increase in high elevation ground squirrels over the last century
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Evaluation of species distribution models by resampling of sites surveyed a century ago by Joseph Grinnell
AB Smith, MJ Santos, MS Koo, KMC Rowe, KC Rowe, JL Patton, ...
Ecography 36 (9), 1017-1031, 2013
Oceanic islands of Wallacea as a source for dispersal and diversification of murine rodents
KC Rowe, AS Achmadi, PH Fabre, JJ Schenk, SJ Steppan, JA Esselstyn
Journal of Biogeography 46 (12), 2752-2768, 2019
Comparative phylogeography of eastern chipmunks and white‐footed mice in relation to the individualistic nature of species
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Phylogenomics uncovers confidence and conflict in the rapid radiation of Australo-Papuan rodents
EJ Roycroft, A Moussalli, KC Rowe
Systematic biology 69 (3), 431-444, 2020
Alternatives to genetic affinity as a context for within-species response to climate
AB Smith, EA Beever, AE Kessler, AN Johnston, C Ray, CW Epps, ...
Nature Climate Change 9 (10), 787-794, 2019
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