Prof Amir Hussain
Citované v
Citované v
From Brains to Systems
LS Smith, A Hussain, I Aleksander, A Chella, J Gómez-Ramirez, ...
Springer, 2011
A review of affective computing: From unimodal analysis to multimodal fusion
S Poria, E Cambria, R Bajpai, A Hussain
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A novel ontology and machine learning driven hybrid cardiovascular clinical prognosis as a complex adaptive clinical system
K Farooq, A Hussain
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Applications of deep learning and reinforcement learning to biological data
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S Poria, I Chaturvedi, E Cambria, A Hussain
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Group sparse regularization for deep neural networks
S Scardapane, D Comminiello, A Hussain, A Uncini
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Agent-based computing from multi-agent systems to agent-based models: a visual survey
M Niazi, A Hussain
Scientometrics 89 (2), 479, 2011
Unsupervised machine learning for networking: Techniques, applications and research challenges
M Usama, J Qadir, A Raza, H Arif, KLA Yau, Y Elkhatib, A Hussain, ...
IEEE Access 7, 65579-65615, 2019
The hourglass of emotions
E Cambria, A Livingstone, A Hussain
Cognitive Behavioural Systems: COST 2102 International Training School …, 2012
Senticnet: A publicly available semantic resource for opinion mining
E Cambria, R Speer, C Havasi, A Hussain
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Sentic computing: Techniques, tools, and applications
E Cambria, A Hussain
Springer Science & Business Media, 2012
A Novel Two-Stage Deep Learning Model for Efficient Network Intrusion Detection
FA Khan, A Gumaei, A Derhab, A Hussain
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Big data and IoT-based applications in smart environments: A systematic review
Y Hajjaji, W Boulila, IR Farah, I Romdhani, A Hussain
Computer Science Review 39, 100318, 2021
Deep learning in mining biological data
M Mahmud, MS Kaiser, TM McGinnity, A Hussain
Cognitive Computation, 1-33, 2021
Senticnet 2: A semantic and affective resource for opinion mining and sentiment analysis
E Cambria, C Havasi, A Hussain
Twenty-Fifth International FLAIRS Conference, 2012
Multilingual Sentiment Analysis: State of the Art and Independent Comparison of Techniques (vol 8, pg 757, 2016)
K Dashtipour, S Poria, A Hussain, E Cambria, AYA Hawalah, A Gelbukh, ...
COGNITIVE COMPUTATION 8 (4), 772-775, 2016
Comparing oversampling techniques to handle the class imbalance problem: a customer churn prediction case study
A Amin, S Anwar, A Adnan, M Nawaz, N Howard, J Qadir, A Hawalah, ...
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Sentic LSTM: a hybrid network for targeted aspect-based sentiment analysis
Y Ma, H Peng, T Khan, E Cambria, A Hussain
Cognitive Computation 10, 639-650, 2018
Sentic computing
E Cambria, A Hussain
Cognitive Computation 7 (2), 183-185, 2015
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