Benjamin Fuchs
Benjamin Fuchs
Adjunct Professor - Senior Research Fellow, Biodiversity Unit, University of Turku
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Citované v
Plant age and seasonal timing determine endophyte growth and alkaloid biosynthesis
B Fuchs, M Krischke, MJ Mueller, J Krauss
Fungal Ecology 29, 52-58, 2017
Herbivore‐specific induction of defence metabolites in a grass–endophyte association
B Fuchs, M Krischke, MJ Mueller, J Krauss
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Glyphosate-Modulated Biosynthesis Driving Plant Defense and Species Interactions
B Fuchs, K Saikkonen, M Helander
Trends in Plant Science 26 (4), 312-323, 2021
Ecosystem consequences of herbicides: the role of microbiome
S Ruuskanen, B Fuchs, R Nissinen, P Puigbò, M Rainio, K Saikkonen, ...
Trends in ecology & evolution 38 (1), 35-43, 2023
Can Epichloë endophytes enhance direct and indirect plant defence?
B Fuchs, J Krauss
Fungal Ecology 38, 98-103, 2019
Peramine and lolitrem B from endophyte-grass associations cascade up the food chain
B Fuchs, M Krischke, MJ Mueller, J Krauss
Journal of chemical ecology 39, 1385-1389, 2013
Risk in the circular food economy: glyphosate-based herbicide residues in manure fertilizers decrease crop yield
A Muola, B Fuchs, M Laihonen, K Rainio, L Heikkonen, S Ruuskanen, ...
Science of the Total Environment 750, 141422, 2021
Enhanced aphid abundance in spring desynchronizes predator–prey and plant–microorganism interactions
B Fuchs, T Breuer, S Findling, M Krischke, MJ Mueller, A Holzschuh, ...
Oecologia 183, 469-478, 2017
A Glyphosate-Based Herbicide in Soil Differentially Affects Hormonal Homeostasis and Performance of Non-target Crop Plants.
B Fuchs, M Laihonen, A Muola, K Saikkonen, PI Dobrev, R Vankova, ...
Frontiers in plant science 12, 787958, 2022
Responses to larval herbivory in the phenylpropanoid pathway of Ulmus minor are boosted by prior insect egg deposition
J Schott, B Fuchs, C Böttcher, M Hilker
Planta 255 (1), 16, 2022
Epichloë Endophyte-Promoted Seed Pathogen Increases Host Grass Resistance Against Insect Herbivory
M Laihonen, K Saikkonen, M Helander, BRV de Aldana, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 12, 2022
Hide and seek – Infection rates and alkaloid concentrations of Epichloë festucae var. lolii in Lolium perenne along a land‐use gradient in Germany
J König, B Fuchs, M Krischke, MJ Mueller, J Krauss
Grass and forage science 73 (2), 510-516, 2018
Legacy of agrochemicals in the circular food economy: glyphosate-based herbicides introduced via manure fertilizer affect the yield and biochemistry of perennial crop plants …
B Fuchs, K Saikkonen, M Helander, Y Tian, B Yang, MT Engström, ...
Chemosphere 308, 136366, 2022
Plant age and seasonal timing determine endophyte growth and alkaloid biosynthesis. Fungal Ecol 29: 52–58
B Fuchs, M Krischke, MJ Mueller, J Krauss
Contrasting effects of grass-endophyte chemotypes on a tri-trophic cascade
B Fuchs, E Kuhnert, J Krauss
Journal of chemical ecology 46, 422-429, 2020
Epichloë Endophytes Shape the Foliar Endophytic Fungal Microbiome and Alter the Auxin and Salicylic Acid Phytohormone Levels in Two Meadow Fescue Cultivars
SA Mathew, M Helander, K Saikkonen, R Vankova, PI Dobrev, S Dirihan, ...
Journal of Fungi 9 (1), 90, 2023
Endophytic Beauveria bassiana induces biosynthesis of flavonoids in oilseed rape following both seed inoculation and natural colonization
A Muola, T Birge, M Helander, S Mathew, V Harazinova, K Saikkonen, ...
Pest Management Science, 2023
Glyphosate and a glyphosate-based herbicide affect bumblebee gut microbiota
M Helander, A Jeevannavar, K Kaakinen, SA Mathew, K Saikkonen, ...
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 99 (7), fiad065, 2023
Herbicide residues in soil decrease microbe‐mediated plant protection
B Fuchs, K Saikkonen, A Damerau, B Yang, M Helander
Plant Biology 25 (4), 571-578, 2023
Alkaloid Concentrations of Lolium perenne Infected with Epichloë festucae var. lolii with Different Detection Methods—A Re-Evaluation of Intoxication Risk in …
V Vikuk, B Fuchs, M Krischke, MJ Mueller, S Rueb, J Krauss
Journal of Fungi 6 (3), 177, 2020
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