Christian T. Elbaek
Christian T. Elbaek
PhD Fellow, Department of Management, Aarhus University
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Citované v
Citované v
National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic
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On the psychology of bonuses: The effects of loss aversion and Yerkes-Dodson law on performance in cognitively and mechanically demanding tasks
CT Elbaek, MN Lystbæk, P Mitkidis
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 98, 101870, 2022
Material scarcity and unethical economic behavior: A systematic review and meta-analysis
C Elbaek, P Mitkidis, L Aarøe, T Otterbring
Masculine (low) digit ratios predict masculine food choices in hungry consumers
T Otterbring, CT Elbæk, C Lu
Food Quality and Preference 90, 104168, 2021
Examining the generalizability of research findings from archival data
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Honestly hungry: Acute hunger does not increase unethical economic behaviour
CT Elbæk, P Mitkidis, L Aarøe, T Otterbring
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 101, 104312, 2022
Drivers and social implications of Artificial Intelligence adoption in healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Morality in the echo chamber: The relationship between belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories and public health support and the mediating role of moral identity and morality-as …
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Social Class and Income Inequality is Associated with Morality: Empirical Evidence from 67 Countries
C Elbaek, P Mitkidis, L Aarøe, T Otterbring
Evidence of Ethics and Misconduct in a Multinational Corporation: Motives for Growth of Corrupt Environments in Today’s Business World
CT Elbaek, P Mitkidis
International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, 2022
Trusting to abide: The role of institutional and interpersonal trust for the support of COVID-19 prevention behaviors and policies and the mediating role of national identification
T Gkinopoulos, CT Elbaek, P Mitkidis
PsyArXiv, 2022
Omstillingsparadokset: Afvejning imellem fleksibilitet og koordinering i arbejdsstyrken
JD Jensen, CT Elbæk, R Anand
Økonomi & Politik, 21-37, 2021
Commentary: Grounded procedures: A proximate mechanism for the psychology of cleansing and other physical actions
T Otterbring, P Mitkidis, L Aarøe, CT Elbæk
Frontiers in Psychology 11, 2137, 2020
Who's leading whom? Mutual influences in moral decision making between leaders and subordinates over time
ST Karg, CT Elbæk, P Mitkidis
The Importance of Representing Economic Inequality Saliently and to Scale
CT Elbaek, P Mitkidis
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