Fulvio Paleari
Fulvio Paleari
Postdoctoral researcher, CNR-ISM, Italy
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Citované v
Citované v
Many-body perturbation theory calculations using the yambo code
D Sangalli, A Ferretti, H Miranda, C Attaccalite, I Marri, E Cannuccia, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31 (32), 325902, 2019
Excitons in boron nitride single layer
T Galvani, F Paleari, HPC Miranda, A Molina-Sánchez, L Wirtz, S Latil, ...
Physical Review B 94 (12), 125303, 2016
Excitons in few-layer hexagonal boron nitride: Davydov splitting and surface localization
F Paleari, T Galvani, H Amara, F Ducastelle, A Molina-Sánchez, L Wirtz
2D Materials 5 (4), 045017, 2018
Direct and indirect excitons in boron nitride polymorphs: A story of atomic configuration and electronic correlation
L Sponza, H Amara, C Attaccalite, S Latil, T Galvani, F Paleari, L Wirtz, ...
Physical Review B 98 (12), 125206, 2018
Exciton-phonon coupling in the ultraviolet absorption and emission spectra of bulk hexagonal boron nitride
F Paleari, H PC Miranda, A Molina-Sánchez, L Wirtz
Physical review letters 122 (18), 187401, 2019
Radiative lifetime of free excitons in hexagonal boron nitride
S Roux, C Arnold, F Paleari, L Sponza, E Janzen, JH Edgar, B Toury, ...
Physical Review B 104 (16), L161203, 2021
Exciton-phonon interaction calls for a revision of the “exciton” concept
F Paleari, A Marini
Physical Review B 106 (12), 125403, 2022
First-principles approaches to the description of indirect absorption and luminescence spectroscopy: exciton-phonon coupling in hexagonal boron nitride
F Paleari
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 2019
First-principles study of luminescence in hexagonal boron nitride single layer: Exciton-phonon coupling and the role of substrate
P Lechifflart, F Paleari, D Sangalli, C Attaccalite
Physical Review Materials 7 (2), 024006, 2023
Excitons under strain: Light absorption and emission in strained hexagonal boron nitride
P Lechifflart, F Paleari, C Attaccalite
SciPost Physics 12 (5), 145, 2022
Surface termination dependence of electronic and optical properties in MXene monolayers
Z Kandemir, E Torun, F Paleari, C Yelgel, C Sevik
Physical Review Materials 6 (2), 026001, 2022
Electron--phonon interaction without overscreening: a strategy for first--principles modelling
F Paleari, A Marini
arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.09828, 2021
Distinguishing different stackings in layered materials via luminescence spectroscopy
M Zanfrognini, A Plaud, I Stenger, F Fossard, L Sponza, L Schué, ...
Physical Review Letters 131 (20), 206902, 2023
Excitons in layered : Effects of dimensionality and crystal anisotropy
J Cervantes-Villanueva, F Paleari, A García-Cristóbal, D Sangalli, ...
Physical Review B 109 (15), 155133, 2024
Physics of excitons in layered BiI. Effects of dimensionality and crystal anisotropy
J Cervantes-Villanueva, F Paleari, A García-Cristóbal, D Sangalli, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.16024, 2023
Intrinsic control of interlayer exciton generation in van der Waals materials via Janus layers
E Torun, F Paleari, MV Milosevic, L Wirtz, C Sevik
Nano Letters 23 (8), 3159-3166, 2023
Overscreening-free electron-phonon interaction in realistic materials
F Paleari, A Marini
arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.09823, 2021
Strongly localized exciton states in layered BiI3: From bulk to monolayer
J Cervantes-Villanueva, F Paleari, A Garcia-Cristobal, D Sangalli, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2024
Quenching of low-energy optical absorption in bilayer polytypes
M Zanfrognini, M Bonacci, F Paleari, E Molinari, A Ruini, A Ferretti, ...
Physical Review Materials 7 (6), 064006, 2023
Theoretical Spectroscopy of 2D Materials: Exciton-phonon coupling in resonant Raman and in luminescence spectroscopy
L Wirtz, F Paleari, PL Cudazzo, S Reichardt, A Molina-Sanchez
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2021, L20. 001, 2021
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