Blaise Tardy
Blaise Tardy
Assistant Professor, Khalifa University
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Citované v
Modular assembly of superstructures from polyphenol-functionalized building blocks
J Guo, BL Tardy, AJ Christofferson, Y Dai, JJ Richardson, W Zhu, M Hu, ...
Nature nanotechnology 11 (12), 1105-1111, 2016
Plant nanomaterials and inspiration from nature: water interactions and hierarchically structured hydrogels
R Ajdary, BL Tardy, BD Mattos, L Bai, OJ Rojas
Advanced Materials 33 (28), 2001085, 2021
Nanocellulose–surfactant interactions
BL Tardy, S Yokota, M Ago, W Xiang, T Kondo, R Bordes, OJ Rojas
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Nanochitin: chemistry, structure, assembly, and applications
L Bai, L Liu, M Esquivel, BL Tardy, S Huan, X Niu, S Liu, G Yang, Y Fan, ...
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Adsorption and assembly of cellulosic and lignin colloids at oil/water interfaces
L Bai, LG Greca, W Xiang, J Lehtonen, S Huan, RWN Nugroho, BL Tardy, ...
Langmuir 35 (3), 571-588, 2018
Controlled release for crop and wood protection: Recent progress toward sustainable and safe nanostructured biocidal systems
BD Mattos, BL Tardy, WLE Magalhaes, OJ Rojas
Journal of Controlled Release 262, 139-150, 2017
Targeted therapy against metastatic melanoma based on self‐assembled metal‐phenolic nanocomplexes comprised of green tea catechin
K Li, G Xiao, JJ Richardson, BL Tardy, H Ejima, W Huang, J Guo, X Liao, ...
Advanced Science 6 (5), 1801688, 2019
Multifunctional lignin-based nanocomposites and nanohybrids
E Lizundia, MH Sipponen, LG Greca, M Balakshin, BL Tardy, OJ Rojas, ...
Green Chemistry 23 (18), 6698-6760, 2021
Deconstruction and reassembly of renewable polymers and biocolloids into next generation structured materials
BL Tardy, BD Mattos, CG Otoni, M Beaumont, J Majoinen, ...
Chemical reviews 121 (22), 14088-14188, 2021
Fabrication of thin film composite poly (amide)-carbon-nanotube supported membranes for enhanced performance in osmotically driven desalination systems
L Dumee, J Lee, K Sears, B Tardy, M Duke, S Gray
Journal of membrane science 427, 422-430, 2013
Biofabrication of multifunctional nanocellulosic 3D structures: a facile and customizable route
LG Greca✝, J Lehtonen✝, BL Tardy✝*, J Guo, OJ Rojas*
Materials Horizons 5 (3), 408-415, 2018
Supramolecular assemblies of lignin into nano-and microparticles
M Ago, BL Tardy, L Wang, J Guo, A Khakalo, OJ Rojas
MRS Bulletin 42 (5), 371-378, 2017
Exploiting Supramolecular Interactions from Polymeric Colloids for Strong Anisotropic Adhesion between Solid Surfaces
BL Tardy✝*, JJ Richardson✝, LG Greca, J Guo, H Ejima*, OJ Rojas*
Advanced Materials, 2020
Superstructured mesocrystals through multiple inherent molecular interactions for highly reversible sodium ion batteries
X Qiu, X Wang, Y He, J Liang, K Liang, BL Tardy, JJ Richardson, M Hu, ...
Science advances 7 (37), eabh3482, 2021
Effect of anisotropy of cellulose nanocrystal suspensions on stratification, domain structure formation, and structural colors
KW Klockars, BL Tardy*, M Borghei, A Tripathi, LG Greca, OJ Rojas*
Biomacromolecules 19 (7), 2931-2943, 2018
Boronate-Phenolic Network Capsules with Dual Response to Acidic pH and cis-Diols.
J Guo, H Sun, K Alt, BL Tardy, JJ Richardson, T Suma, H Ejima, J Cui, ...
Advanced healthcare materials 4 (12), 1796-1801, 2015
Towards enhanced performance thin-film composite membranes via surface plasma modification
R Reis, LF Dumée, BL Tardy, R Dagastine, JD Orbell, JA Schutz, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 29206, 2016
Lignin nano-and microparticles as template for nanostructured materials: formation of hollow metal-phenolic capsules
BL Tardy*, JJ Richardson, J Guo, J Lehtonen, M Ago, OJ Rojas*
Green chemistry 20 (6), 1335-1344, 2018
Influence of ionic strength on the deposition of metal–phenolic networks
J Guo, JJ Richardson, QA Besford, AJ Christofferson, Y Dai, CW Ong, ...
Langmuir 33 (40), 10616-10622, 2017
Asymmetrical coffee rings from cellulose nanocrystals and prospects in art and design
KW Klockars, NE Yau, BL Tardy*, J Majoinen, T Kämäräinen, K Miettunen, ...
Cellulose 26 (1), 491-506, 2019
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