Vito Mennella
Vito Mennella
Director of Research, MRC investigator, University of Cambridge
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Citované v
Subdiffraction-resolution fluorescence microscopy reveals a domain of the centrosome critical for pericentriolar material organization
V Mennella, B Keszthelyi, KL McDonald, B Chhun, F Kan, GC Rogers, ...
Nature cell biology 14 (11), 1159-1168, 2012
Super-resolution microscopy: from single molecules to supramolecular assemblies
AM Sydor, KJ Czymmek, EM Puchner, V Mennella
Trends in cell biology 25 (12), 730-748, 2015
Functionally distinct kinesin-13 family members cooperate to regulate microtubule dynamics during interphase
V Mennella, GC Rogers, SL Rogers, DW Buster, RD Vale, DJ Sharp
Nature cell biology 7 (3), 235-245, 2005
A novel ACE2 isoform is expressed in human respiratory epithelia and is upregulated in response to interferons and RNA respiratory virus infection
C Blume, CL Jackson, CM Spalluto, J Legebeke, L Nazlamova, F Conforti, ...
Nature genetics 53 (2), 205-214, 2021
Amorphous no more: subdiffraction view of the pericentriolar material architecture
V Mennella, DA Agard, B Huang, L Pelletier
Trends in cell biology 24 (3), 188-197, 2014
Sas-4 provides a scaffold for cytoplasmic complexes and tethers them in a centrosome
J Gopalakrishnan, V Mennella, S Blachon, B Zhai, AH Smith, TL Megraw, ...
Nature communications 2 (1), 359, 2011
A novel atypical sperm centriole is functional during human fertilization
EL Fishman, K Jo, QPH Nguyen, D Kong, R Royfman, AR Cekic, S Khanal, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 2210, 2018
High-resolution restoration of 3D structures from widefield images with extreme low signal-to-noise-ratio
M Arigovindan, JC Fung, D Elnatan, V Mennella, YHM Chan, M Pollard, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (43), 17344-17349, 2013
Acyldepsipeptide analogs dysregulate human mitochondrial ClpP protease activity and cause apoptotic cell death
KS Wong, MF Mabanglo, TV Seraphim, A Mollica, YQ Mao, K Rizzolo, ...
Cell chemical biology 25 (8), 1017-1030. e9, 2018
Kinesin-13s form rings around microtubules
D Tan, AB Asenjo, V Mennella, DJ Sharp, H Sosa
The Journal of cell biology 175 (1), 25-31, 2006
Centriole remodeling during spermiogenesis in Drosophila
A Khire, KH Jo, D Kong, T Akhshi, S Blachon, AR Cekic, S Hynek, A Ha, ...
Current Biology 26 (23), 3183-3189, 2016
Cell-cycle regulation of formin-mediated actin cable assembly
Y Miao, CCL Wong, V Mennella, A Michelot, DA Agard, LJ Holt, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (47), E4446-E4455, 2013
Motor domain phosphorylation and regulation of the Drosophila kinesin 13, KLP10A
V Mennella, DY Tan, DW Buster, AB Asenjo, U Rath, A Ma, HJ Sosa, ...
Journal of cell biology 186 (4), 481-490, 2009
PPP1R35 is a novel centrosomal protein that regulates centriole length in concert with the microcephaly protein RTTN
AM Sydor, E Coyaud, C Rovelli, E Laurent, H Liu, B Raught, V Mennella
Elife 7, e37846, 2018
Super-resolution microscopy and FIB-SEM imaging reveal parental centriole-derived, hybrid cilium in mammalian multiciliated cells
Z Liu, QPH Nguyen, R Nanjundappa, N Delgehyr, A Megherbi, R Doherty, ...
Developmental cell 55 (2), 224-236. e6, 2020
The Seckel syndrome and centrosomal protein Ninein localizes asymmetrically to stem cell centrosomes but is not required for normal development, behavior, or DNA damage …
Y Zheng, V Mennella, S Marks, J Wildonger, E Elnagdi, DA Agard, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 27 (11), 1740-1752, 2016
A quantitative super-resolution imaging toolbox for diagnosis of motile ciliopathies
Z Liu, QPH Nguyen, Q Guan, A Albulescu, L Erdman, Y Mahdaviyeh, ...
Science translational medicine 12 (535), eaay0071, 2020
Quantitative High-Speed Video Profiling Discriminates between DNAH11 and HYDIN Variants of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
M Chioccioli, L Feriani, Q Nguyen, J Kotar, SD Dell, V Mennella, I Amirav, ...
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 199 (11), 1436-1438, 2019
Comparative super-resolution mapping of basal feet reveals a modular but distinct architecture in primary and motile cilia
QPH Nguyen, Z Liu, A Albulescu, H Ouyang, L Zlock, E Coyaud, ...
Developmental Cell 55 (2), 209-223. e7, 2020
KLP10A and KLP59C: the dynamic duo of microtubule depolymerization
DJ Sharp, V Mennella, DW Buster
Cell Cycle 4 (11), 1482-1485, 2005
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