Jenny C. Ordoñez
Citované v
Citované v
TRY–a global database of plant traits
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A global study of relationships between leaf traits, climate and soil measures of nutrient fertility
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TRY plant trait database–enhanced coverage and open access
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Global to community scale differences in the prevalence of convergent over divergent leaf trait distributions in plant assemblages
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Constraints and opportunities for tree diversity management along the forest transition curve to achieve multifunctional agriculture
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The future of coffee and cocoa agroforestry in a warmer Mesoamerica
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Nested archetypes of vulnerability in African drylands: where lies potential for sustainable agricultural intensification?
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Use your power for good: plural valuation of nature–the Oaxaca statement
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Trees on farms for livelihoods, conservation of biodiversity and carbon storage: evidence from Nicaragua on this “invisible” resource
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Integrating landscapes: Agroforestry for biodiversity conservation and food …, 2017
Food security in sub-Saharan Africa: An explorative study
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Local ecological knowledge reveals effects of policy-driven land use and cover change on beekeepers in Costa Rica
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Land Use Policy 69, 112-122, 2017
Review of methodologies for land degradation neutrality baselines: Sub-national case studies from Costa Rica and Namibia
E Aynekulu, M Lohbeck, RP Nijbroek, JC Ordoñez, KG Turner, TG Vågen, ...
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