Takuma Akimoto
Citované v
Citované v
Origin of subdiffusion of water molecules on cell membrane surfaces
E Yamamoto, T Akimoto, M Yasui, K Yasuoka
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T Akimoto, E Yamamoto, K Yasuoka, Y Hirano, M Yasui
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Universal relation between instantaneous diffusivity and radius of gyration of proteins in aqueous solution
E Yamamoto, T Akimoto, A Mitsutake, R Metzler
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Fluctuation analysis of time-averaged mean-square displacement for the Langevin equation with time-dependent and fluctuating diffusivity
T Uneyama, T Miyaguchi, T Akimoto
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Diffusive nature of xenon anesthetic changes properties of a lipid bilayer: molecular dynamics simulations
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The Weibull–log Weibull distribution for interoccurrence times of earthquakes
T Hasumi, T Akimoto, Y Aizawa
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Distributional response to biases in deterministic superdiffusion
T Akimoto
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Role of infinite invariant measure in deterministic subdiffusion
T Akimoto, T Miyaguchi
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T Akimoto
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R Hou, AG Cherstvy, R Metzler, T Akimoto
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E Yamamoto, AC Kalli, T Akimoto, K Yasuoka, MSP Sansom
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Distributional ergodicity in stored-energy-driven lévy flights
T Akimoto, T Miyaguchi
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Aging generates regular motions in weakly chaotic systems
T Akimoto, E Barkai
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1/f fluctuations of amino acids regulate water transportation in aquaporin 1
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Phase diagram in stored-energy-driven Lévy flight
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Universal fluctuations of single-particle diffusivity in a quenched environment
T Akimoto, E Barkai, K Saito
Physical review letters 117 (18), 180602, 2016
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