Steven Pfaff
Steven Pfaff
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Contemporary sociological theory
C Calhoun, J Gerteis, J Moody, S Pfaff, I Virk
John Wiley & Sons, 2012
Classical sociological theory
C Calhoun, J Gerteis, J Moody, S Pfaff, I Virk
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Emotion work in high-risk social movements: Managing fear in the US and East German civil rights movements
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Collective identity and informal groups in revolutionary mobilization: East Germany in 1989
S Pfaff
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Causes and consequences of the Protestant Reformation
SO Becker, S Pfaff, J Rubin
Explorations in Economic History 62, 1-25, 2016
Exit-voice Dynamics and the Collapse of East Germany: the Crisis of Leninism and the Revolution of 1989
S Pfaff
Duke University Press, 2006
Replete and desolate markets: Poland, East Germany, and the new religious paradigm
P Froese, S Pfaff
Social forces 80 (2), 481-507, 2001
Exit-voice dynamics in collective action: An analysis of emigration and protest in the East German revolution
S Pfaff, H Kim
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Explaining a religious anomaly: A historical analysis of secularization in Eastern Germany
P Froese, S Pfaff
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Double-edged rituals and the symbolic resources of collective action: Political commemorations and the mobilization of protest in 1989
S Pfaff, G Yang
Theory and Society 30 (4), 539-589, 2001
Will a million Muslims march? Muslim interest organizations and political integration in Europe
S Pfaff, AJ Gill
Comparative Political Studies 39 (7), 803-828, 2006
Structure and dynamics of religious insurgency: Students and the spread of the reformation
H Kim, S Pfaff
American Sociological Review 77 (2), 188-215, 2012
Grievances and the Genesis of Rebellion: Mutiny in the Royal Navy, 1740 to 1820
M Hechter, S Pfaff, P Underwood
American Sociological Review 81 (1), 165-189, 2016
Do street‐level bureaucrats discriminate based on religion? A large‐scale correspondence experiment among American public school principals
S Pfaff, C Crabtree, HL Kern, JB Holbein
Public Administration Review 81 (2), 244-259, 2021
Nationalism, charisma, and plebiscitary leadership: The problem of democratization in Max Weber’s political sociology
S Pfaff
Sociological Inquiry 72 (1), 81-107, 2002
The limits of coercive surveillance: Social and penal control in the German Democratic Republic
S Pfaff
Punishment & Society 3 (3), 381-407, 2001
Multiplex network ties and the spatial diffusion of radical innovations: Martin Luther’s leadership in the early reformation
SO Becker, Y Hsiao, S Pfaff, J Rubin
American Sociological Review 85 (5), 857-894, 2020
The politics of peace in the GDR: the independent peace movement, the church, and the origins of the East German opposition
S Pfaff
Peace & Change 26 (3), 280-300, 2001
Piety, power, and the purse: religious economies theory and urban reform in the Holy Roman Empire
S Pfaff, KE Corcoran
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51 (4), 757-776, 2012
Religious oddities: Explaining the divergent religious markets of Poland and East Germany
P Froese, S Pfaff
Church and religion in contemporary Europe: Results from empirical and …, 2009
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