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Citované v
Chromosomal mapping of repetitive DNAs in Triportheus trifurcatus (Characidae, Characiformes): insights into the differentiation of the Z and W chromosomes
CF Yano, J Poltronieri, LAC Bertollo, RF Artoni, T Liehr, M de Bello Cioffi
PLoS One 9 (3), e90946, 2014
Fish-FISH: Molecular cytogenetics in fish species
CF Yano, LAC Bertollo, MB Cioffi
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) application guide, 429-443, 2017
Sex Chromosome Evolution and Genomic Divergence in the Fish Hoplias malabaricus (Characiformes, Erythrinidae)
A Sember, LAC Bertollo, P Ráb, CF Yano, T Hatanaka, EA De Oliveira, ...
Frontiers in genetics 9, 71, 2018
Highly conserved Z and molecularly diverged W chromosomes in the fish genus Triportheus (Characiformes, Triportheidae)
CF Yano, LAC Bertollo, T Ezaz, V Trifonov, A Sember, T Liehr, MB Cioffi
Heredity 118 (3), 276-283, 2017
Tracking the evolutionary pathway of sex chromosomes among fishes: characterizing the unique XX/XY1Y2 system in Hoplias malabaricus (Teleostei …
EA de Oliveira, A Sember, LAC Bertollo, CF Yano, T Ezaz, ...
Chromosoma 127, 115-128, 2018
Evolutionary Relationships and Cytotaxonomy Considerations in the Genus Pyrrhulina (Characiformes, Lebiasinidae)
RLR de Moraes, LAC Bertollo, MMF Marinho, CF Yano, T Hatanaka, ...
Zebrafish 14 (6), 536-546, 2017
Repetitive DNAs highlight the role of chromosomal fusions in the karyotype evolution of Dascyllus species (Pomacentridae, Perciformes)
N Getlekha, WF Molina, M de Bello Cioffi, CF Yano, N Maneechot, ...
Genetica 144, 203-211, 2016
Genomic organization of repetitive DNA elements and its implications for the chromosomal evolution of channid fishes (Actinopterygii, Perciformes)
MB Cioffi, LAC Bertollo, MA Villa, EA de Oliveira, A Tanomtong, CF Yano, ...
PLoS One 10 (6), e0130199, 2015
Karyotype diversity and evolutionary trends in the Asian swamp eel Monopterus albus (Synbranchiformes, Synbranchidae): a case of chromosomal speciation?
W Supiwong, K Pinthong, K Seetapan, P Saenjundaeng, LAC Bertollo, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 19, 1-9, 2019
Chromosomal evolution in lower vertebrates: sex chromosomes in neotropical fishes
MB Cioffi, CF Yano, A Sember, LAC Bertollo
Genes 8 (10), 258, 2017
Evolutionary Dynamics of rDNAs and U2 Small Nuclear DNAs in Triportheus (Characiformes, Triportheidae): High Variability and Particular Syntenic Organization
CF Yano, LAC Bertollo, L Rebordinos, MA Merlo, T Liehr, S Portela-Bens, ...
Zebrafish 14 (2), 146-154, 2017
Genomic organization of repetitive DNAs highlights chromosomal evolution in the genus Clarias (Clariidae, Siluriformes)
N Maneechot, CF Yano, LAC Bertollo, N Getlekha, WF Molina, ...
Molecular Cytogenetics 9, 1-10, 2016
W Chromosome Dynamics in Triportheus Species (Characiformes, Triportheidae): An Ongoing Process Narrated by Repetitive Sequences
CF Yano, LAC Bertollo, T Liehr, WP Troy, MB Cioffi
Journal of Heredity 107 (4), 342-348, 2016
Early stages of XY sex chromosomes differentiation in the fish Hoplias malabaricus (Characiformes, Erythrinidae) revealed by DNA repeats accumulation
NL de Freitas, ABH Al-Rikabi, LAC Bertollo, T Ezaz, CF Yano, ...
Current genomics 19 (3), 216-226, 2018
Cytogenetics, genomics and biodiversity of the South American and African Arapaimidae fish family (Teleostei, Osteoglossiformes)
EA de Oliveira, LAC Bertollo, P Rab, T Ezaz, CF Yano, T Hatanaka, ...
PLoS One 14 (3), e0214225, 2019
Genomic organization of repetitive DNAs and its implications for male karyotype and the neo-Y chromosome differentiation in Erythrinus erythrinus (Characiformes, Erythrinidae)
CF Yano, LAC Bertollo, W Molina, T Liehr, MB Cioffi
Comparative cytogenetics 8 (2)), 139, 2014
Deciphering the evolutionary history of arowana fishes (Teleostei, Osteoglossiformes, Osteoglossidae): Insight from comparative cytogenomics
M de Bello Cioffi, P Ráb, T Ezaz, L Antonio Carlos Bertollo, S Lavoué, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (17), 4296, 2019
First chromosomal analysis in Hepsetidae (Actinopterygii, Characiformes): Insights into relationship between African and Neotropical fish groups
PC Carvalho, EA De Oliveira, LAC Bertollo, CF Yano, C Oliveira, E Decru, ...
Frontiers in genetics 8, 203, 2017
Comparative cytogenetics in the genus Hoplias (Characiformes, Erythrinidae) highlights contrasting karyotype evolution among congeneric species
EA de Oliveira, LAC Bertollo, CF Yano, T Liehr, MB Cioffi
Molecular Cytogenetics 8, 1-10, 2015
Emerging patterns of genome organization in Notopteridae species (Teleostei, Osteoglossiformes) as revealed by Zoo-FISH and Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)
FF Barby, LAC Bertollo, EA De Oliveira, CF Yano, T Hatanaka, P Ráb, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 1112, 2019
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