Marina Igorova Reyne
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Artificial agri‐environment scheme ponds do not replicate natural environments despite higher aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate richness and abundance
M Reyne, M Nolan, H McGuiggan, A Aubry, M Emmerson, F Marnell, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology, 2020
Detection of human adenovirus F41 in wastewater and its relationship to clinical cases of acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology
MI Reyne, DM Allen, A Levickas, P Allingham, J Lock, A Fitzgerald, ...
Science of the Total Environment 857, 159579, 2023
Population genetic structure of the Natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita) in Ireland: implications for conservation management
M Reyne, K Dicks, C McFarlane, A Aubry, M Emmerson, F Marnell, N Reid, ...
Conservation Genetics 23 (2), 325-339, 2022
A comparison of density estimation methods for monitoring marked and unmarked animal populations
JP Twining, C McFarlane, D O'Meara, C O'Reilly, M Reyne, ...
Ecosphere 13 (10), e4165, 2022
Conservation efforts fail to halt the decline of the regionally endangered Natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita) in Ireland
M Reyne, A Aubry, M Emmerson, F Marnell, N Reid
Biological Conservation 261, 109228, 2021
Will predicted positive effects of climate change be enough to reverse declines of the regionally Endangered Natterjack toad in Ireland?
M Reyne, NE McGowan, J Flanagan, P Nolan, A Aubry, M Emmerson, ...
Ecology and Evolution 11 (10), 5049-5064, 2021
Natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita) monitoring and conservation status 2016 - 2018
M Reyne, A Aubry, Y Martin, S Helyar, M Emmerson, N Reid
Irish Wildlife Manual 107, 2018
A preliminary study on the sea turtle density in Mauritius
M Reyne, I Webster, A Huggins
Mar. Turt. Newsl 152, 5-8, 2017
Development and validation of a quantitative qPCR assay for detecting Natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita) eDNA samples
M Reyne, AM Naaum, F Marnell, N Reid, SJ Helyar
Conservation Genetics Resources 13 (3), 319-322, 2021
Combining spawn egg counts, individual photo‐ID and genetic fingerprinting to estimate the population size and sex ratio of an Endangered amphibian
M Reyne, S Helyar, A Aubry, M Emmerson, F Marnell, N Reid
Integrative zoology 16 (2), 240-254, 2021
Landscape genetics identifies barriers to Natterjack toad metapopulation dispersal
MI Reyne, K Dicks, J Flanagan, P Nolan, JP Twining, A Aubry, ...
Conservation Genetics 24 (3), 375-390, 2023
Improved recovery of SARS-CoV-2 from wastewater through application of RNA and DNA stabilising agents
SH Bell, DM Allen, MI Reyne, JFW Lock, A Fitzgerald, A Levickas, AJ Lee, ...
Letters in Applied Microbiology, ovad047, 2023
New records of Natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita, Laurenti 1768) natural breeding sites in Ireland.
MI Reyne, C McFarlane, F Marnell, SJ Helyar, N Reid
Herpetology Notes 13, 479-482, 2020
Wastewater Flow Estimation, Using Localised Rainfall Data, for SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring Via an Optimised High-Throughput Surveillance Platform
J McSparron, SH Bell, BF Nejad, DM Allen, MI Reyne, A Lee, J Lock, ...
One Health Genomic Surveillance of Avian and Human Influenza A Viruses Through Environmental Wastewater Monitoring
AJ Lee, S Carson, MI Reyne, A Marshall, D Moody, D Allen, P Allingham, ...
medRxiv, 2023.08. 08.23293833, 2023
Genomic Analysis and Surveillance of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Using Wastewater-Based Epidemiology (WBE)
DM Allen, MI Reyne, P Allingham, A Levickas, SH Bell, J Lock, JD Coey, ...
medRxiv, 2023.07. 21.23293016, 2023
S115 Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) for the detection and prediction of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) outbreaks
DM Allen, MI Reyne, A Levickas, J Carson, C McSparron, H Groves, ...
Thorax 77 (Suppl 1), A71-A71, 2022
Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in Northern Ireland Wastewater
S Bell, D Allen, M Reyne, J Lock, A Levickas, A Fitzgerald, C Bamford, ...
Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2022, 2022
Conservation of an endangered amphibian: the case of the Natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita) in Ireland
M Reyne
PhD thesis, Queen's University Belfast, 2021
Abundance, density and habitat preferences of Lake Titicaca frog (Telmatobius culeus) at the North-West of Copacabana Peninsular, Bolivia.
M Reyne
Wageningen University, 2011
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