Erwin Peterman
Erwin Peterman
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Citované v
The bipolar mitotic kinesin Eg5 moves on both microtubules that it crosslinks
LC Kapitein, EJG Peterman, BH Kwok, JH Kim, TM Kapoor, CF Schmidt
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Laser-induced heating in optical traps
EJG Peterman, F Gittes, CF Schmidt
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Unraveling the structure of DNA during overstretching by using multicolor, single-molecule fluorescence imaging
J van Mameren, P Gross, G Farge, P Hooijman, M Modesti, M Falkenberg, ...
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Quantifying how DNA stretches, melts and changes twist under tension
P Gross, N Laurens, LB Oddershede, U Bockelmann, EJG Peterman, ...
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Acoustic force spectroscopy
G Sitters, D Kamsma, G Thalhammer, M Ritsch-Marte, EJG Peterman, ...
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STED nanoscopy combined with optical tweezers reveals protein dynamics on densely covered DNA
I Heller, G Sitters, OD Broekmans, G Farge, C Menges, W Wende, ...
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ADP-induced rocking of the kinesin motor domain revealed by single-molecule fluorescence polarization microscopy
H Sosa, EJG Peterman, WE Moerner, LSB Goldstein
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Chlorophyll a and carotenoid triplet states in light-harvesting complex II of higher plants
EJ Peterman, FM Dukker, R Van Grondelle, H Van Amerongen
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Single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy of biomolecular motors
EJG Peterman, H Sosa, WE Moerner
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I Heller, TP Hoekstra, GA King, EJG Peterman, GJL Wuite
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Intraflagellar transport: mechanisms of motor action, cooperation, and cargo delivery
B Prevo, JM Scholey, EJG Peterman
The FEBS journal 284 (18), 2905-2931, 2017
Counting RAD51 proteins disassembling from nucleoprotein filaments under tension
J van Mameren, M Modesti, R Kanaar, C Wyman, EJG Peterman, ...
Nature 457 (7230), 745-748, 2009
The impact of DNA intercalators on DNA and DNA-processing enzymes elucidated through force-dependent binding kinetics
AS Biebricher, I Heller, RFH Roijmans, TP Hoekstra, EJG Peterman, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 7304, 2015
The fluorescence dynamics of single molecules of green fluorescent protein
EJG Peterman, S Brasselet, WE Moerner
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Revealing the competition between peeled-Ssdna, melting bubbles and S-DNA during DNA overstretching using fluorescence microscopy
GA King, P Gross, U Bockelmann, M Modesti, GJL Wuite, EJG Peterman
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KymographClear and KymographDirect: two tools for the automated quantitative analysis of molecular and cellular dynamics using kymographs
P Mangeol, B Prevo, EJG Peterman
Molecular biology of the cell 27 (12), 1948-1957, 2016
Sliding sleeves of XRCC4–XLF bridge DNA and connect fragments of broken DNA
I Brouwer, G Sitters, A Candelli, SJ Heerema, I Heller, AJ Melo de, ...
Nature 535 (7613), 566-569, 2016
Microtubule cross-linking triggers the directional motility of kinesin-5
LC Kapitein, BH Kwok, JS Weinger, CF Schmidt, TM Kapoor, ...
The Journal of cell biology 182 (3), 421-428, 2008
Combining optical trapping and single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy: enhanced photobleaching of fluorophores
MA van Dijk, LC Kapitein, J van Mameren, CF Schmidt, EJG Peterman
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (20), 6479-6484, 2004
Functional differentiation of cooperating kinesin-2 motors orchestrates cargo import and transport in C. elegans cilia
B Prevo, P Mangeol, F Oswald, JM Scholey, EJG Peterman
Nature cell biology 17 (12), 1536-1545, 2015
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